Meme Of The Day: If Biden’s Grand Speech Denouncing Violence Were Telling The WHOLE Truth

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2021

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Amazingly, Joe Biden was suddenly able to dig deep and discover moral clarity on the issue of political violence. Here’s what his speech about it would look like if it were truly honest.

Rioters injuring cops and threatening the White House? No big deal, and we should mock the President for cowardice when security instructs him to move to a more secure location.

Burning churches?

Billions of dollars in property damage, and dozens killed in the violence?

Entire sections of a city captured by armed protesters led by a ‘warlord’ claiming it as an autonomous, lawless zone in the name of a left-wing political movement?

Nothing to see here.

Hell, his running mate was even helping violent offenders raise bail.

But find an event that can be hung like an albatross around Trump’s neck and he’s all over it.

Here’s what an HONEST version of his speech denouncing the violence on January 6th would look like.

Joe denounced the violence but was awfully specific in which violence he was willing to denounce.

The same words he said in the podium were looped back a couple more times, to remind us of all the OTHER violence he had no interest whatsoever in denouncing in such clear unambiguous terms.

Joe is such a fake, pretending to hold a moral line, talking ‘tough’ so long as it won’t upset his base.

If you want to see just HOW fake he is, just compare him to a REAL moral standard, of the one guy who really DID put his money where his mouth was — more than anyone before or since.

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