President Biden Is Pushing For ‘Equity’ — Here’s The 411 On What It Is And Why It’s AWFUL (Video)

Written by K. Walker on January 28, 2021

Dr. Carson says that Democrats using race relations to gain power and position is “shameful.”

President* Joseph R. Biden made some pretty startling comments about race relations to people living in America in 2021. He’s decided that race relations are going to be central to his administration. He then signed a flurry of Executive Orders related to “equity.”

Yes, indeed, the man that his running mate implied was racist for opposing the rather complex issue of bussing, and gave a eulogy for a former Klan recruiter, called KKK supporters “fine people”, and has a decades-long history of “soft bigotry” is now going to be the “White Savior” to all minority people. As a minority woman, let me just say, “Oh goody.”


President* Biden has to do this because his former boss, the first Black President, Barack Obama, just couldn’t end racism in America despite being elected by almost 70 million Americans.

That’s probably because Americans were just waiting with bated breath for Joe Biden to ascend to his rightful place as President to solve the racial strife.  Clearly, it was only because Joe was on the ticket that Obama won, anyway. Otherwise, how do you explain Biden’s “historic” vote count with over 81 million votes? Voters just love Joe.

It’s also pretty clear that it was Joe that put together that crack team in the Obama administration. A lot of them are coming back like Susan Rice, noted Benghazi liar, who is now the White House Domestic Policy Advisor. She made her Biden Administration debut appearance on Tuesday pushing the “equity” agenda for the next 4-ish years in her bland, mediocre speaking style. (I swear the woman has the personality of a turnip!)

The Five explained the difference between “equality” and “equity.”

Serious question: Has there been a point in the history of the Democratic Party that they didn’t push for racism by a different name? Jim Crow, school segregation, the KKK, Affirmative Action, BLM, etc… all supported by Democrats.

Laura Ingraham tackled the new push for “equity” on her Fox News commentary show on Tuesday.

Fox News posted the transcript on Wednesday under the headline, “Biden, Rice stoke nationwide division with ‘racial equity’ push.”

Here’s a portion analyzing Susan Rice’s comments on equity on Tuesday:

SUSAN RICE, WHITE HOUSE DOMESTIC POLICY ADVISER: Every agency will place equity at the core of their public engagement, their policy design and program delivery to ensure that government resources are reaching Americans of color, and all marginalized communities, rural, urban, disabled, LGBTQ+, religious minorities, and so many others.


INGRAHAM: Now, apparently, America is so rigged that Susan Rice attended two of the country’s most elite institutions, right here in Washington, DC, The National Cathedral School, and then on to Stanford University. Acceptance at Stanford University stands at about 4 percent.

Now, compare that to someone like Shelby Steele, a current Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution who said this on our show last week.


SHELBY STEELE, HOOVER INSTITUTION SENIOR FELLOW: White guilt is still an animating force in American life, and it won’t ever – we won’t ever get beyond it until white America begins to feel – to lose its insecurity around race.

Yes we did horrible things. But today America is remarkably free of racism. If you’re a Black person in America today you are not – your life is not going to be stunted by racial persecution.

Watch Laura talk about President* Biden’s extreme executive order on “equity.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a horribly bigoted organization that has nothing to do with either poverty or law has endorsed the “equity” mandate of the Biden administration, and that’s pretty much all you need to know. The SPLC has listed anything that it doesn’t like a “hate group” but ignores certain hate groups if they are sufficiently “woke.” The SPLC is awful.

She later had Dr. Ben Carson on her show and he slammed the whole thing.

Is this “equity” thing even Constitutional?

It seems like it’s state-sanctioned racism — it’s discriminating against people and favoring others based on race which violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Should be interesting to see if it is challenged in court…

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