Top Brass Spiked Review Of Steele Dossier’s Credibility… Here’s Their Excuse

Written by Wes Walker on January 19, 2021

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We came ‘this’ close to an honest government servant shielding the Trump presidency from a direct, partisan attack against its legitimacy.

The due process that is supposed to protect each and every US citizen from illegitimate government intrusion into personal privacy was explicitly blocked by partisan actors within an Obama/Biden DOJ.

Here’s the excuse we were given.

it was known from the beginning that there were problems with the Steele Dossier — something that was known even by the news agencies who all refused to be the first to publish such a story even months after it had been ‘floating around’, because of how sketchy its providence and content so obviously were. That didn’t stop the DOJ from charging ahead.

One supervisor, (name redacted) insisted that the questionable dossier be reviewed and validated before action was taken on the information therin.

Here is the whodunnit…

“My request was to the FBI directorate of intelligence for them to do what is considered an enhanced validation review, something outside and independent of the Counterintelligence Division,” he added.

“So the validation review initiated and it was later turned off,” the agent testified.

When asked who gave the order to stop the review, the agent said it came from then-Assistant Director of Counterintelligence William Priestap and was relayed to him by Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, the lead agent in the Russia probe known as Operation Crossfire Hurricane. –JustTheNews

And here is the ‘why’…

“I can give you the answers that I was provided or the discussion that I had with Assistant Director Priestap and DAD Strzok at the time,” he said. “There were concerns about leaks. The Bureau, obviously, was, as I understood and I testified already, concerned about anyone outside of the Crossfire Hurricane team being aware of the existence of the investigation.”

He added, “They wanted to keep it within the counterintelligence.” –JustTheNews

No doubt they WOULD want to ‘keep it within the counterintelligence’. After all, the little project the top brass had cooked up had no legal basis whatsoever.

Chuck Ross fills in some of the blanks.

A senior FBI agent requested a transfer from the team investigating the Trump campaign’s possible links to Russia after his request to validate Christopher Steele as a confidential source was shut down, he told a Senate panel last year, according to newly released transcripts.

Joseph Pientka, an FBI supervisory special agent, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aug. 27 that Bill Priestap, who was chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, ordered the “enhanced validation review” to be shut down due to concerns about leaks.

Pientka said he initiated the review of Steele in November 2016, after the FBI cut ties with the former British spy because of his contacts with journalists.

…Steele’s contacts with the media regarding the dossier raised concerns within the FBI, and led to the bureau cutting him off as a confidential human source. Michael Gaeta, who was Steele’s FBI handler, told the Senate panel that Steele’s actions made him “completely untrustworthy.”

Pientka said that he sought a review of Steele because of the dossier’s significance to the FISA applications and to Crossfire Hurricane, the name for the FBI’s counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign.

“I recognized the significance of his reporting, the use in a FISA application. I had questions about our intel validation was ongoing in the Counterintelligence Division, and all of that contributed to my professional disagreement,” he said. –DailyCaller

It was, we later learned, created with the express purpose of being a head-fake to get people to look away from the obvious problem of Hillary’s emails.

As reported elsewhere:

This week a former senior intelligence official in the Obama administration confirmed to me that in the lead-up to the 2016 election, elements of the U.S. intelligence community informed the FBI that the Democratic candidate’s emails had been compromised. “They concluded that there were approximately 30,000 emails in the possession of foreign entities,” said the former Obama official. “The FBI was provided with digital copies of some of the emails and then evaluated them, determining their veracity and identifying what sensitive issues were being addressed. The FBI had been informed of this prior to James Comey’s press conference exonerating Clinton.”

With this new information, it is clear that the FBI ran a two-part cover-up on behalf of Clinton. The first part was the year-long investigation into her use of a private server, called “Midyear Exam,” which began July 10, 2015, and would inevitably exculpate her. Obama’s Justice Department was never going to indict his chosen successor.

The second part, “Crossfire Hurricane,” was designed to deflect attention from the contents of her emails in the event they leaked—the American secrets or corrupt Clinton Foundation deals they might disclose—by fabricating another issue: Trump was in league with the Russians, who leaked the emails on his behalf. After Trump’s election, collusion became a weapon to bludgeon the president with over the next four years. “It is my understanding,” says the former Obama intelligence official, “that the FBI still has Clinton’s emails, unless they have made them disappear.”

The two parts of the FBI’s Clinton cover-up meshed seamlessly. On July 5, 2016, the same day that Comey cleared the former secretary of state of charges of mishandling classified information, Clinton campaign contractor Christopher Steele first pushed Trump-Russia collusion reports to FBI agent Michael Gaeta. –EpochTimes

One Civil servant did the right thing when even the men and women to whom he reported did not.

That is the kind of integrity it will take to lead us out of the corrupt mess we now find ourselves in.

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