The Purge Gets (More) Political: Email & Online Payment Service Make Their Moves Against GOP

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2021

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It’s not as though the Deep State would do anything about it, but isn’t this an FEC violation?

Despite several lines of evidence pointing to Trump explicitly calling for a peaceful rally, and offering the use of the National Guard to keep it that way, the accusations against the President remain unchanged: he is a ‘dictator’ who ‘incited’ a riot.

Under the pretext of ‘public safety’, Big Tech’s systematic conservative blacklist continues apace.

So now, the WSJ is reporting that Stripe has cut off the ability of the Trump campaign to process payments for President Donald Trump’s campaign website and online fundraising apparatus. The report claims Stripe is cutting off the president’s campaign account for violating its policies against “encouraging violence.”

Yet the president did not encourage violence and told people at the rally to act “peacefully’ and “patriotically.” –RedState

Events of the past week have proven (yet again) the genius of C.S. Lewis.

But it isn’t enough to punish and isolate the President, is it?

They have made decisions — during a second, and very dubious Presidential Impeachment Process — to choke off channels of communication between the Party and the public.

The Donald Trump campaign has not used its millions-strong email list since the riots at the Capitol. Its email provider says it has taken action to prevent Republicans from using “our services in any way that could lead to violence.”

To send its emails, the Trump campaign uses infrastructure from a company called ExactTarget, an email marketing firm now owned by Salesforce, according to a Motherboard analysis of the emails. The emails are sent in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, according to the emails themselves. In response to a question about whether the company had taken action to prevent Trump from using the “” email infrastructure, Salesforce said it had “taken action” against the RNC to “prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence.”

“We are all deeply troubled by the terrible events of January 6. And while we all hope that they are never repeated, sadly there remains a risk of politically incited violence across the country,” Salesforce said in a statement. “The Republican National Committee has been a long-standing customer, predating the current Administration, and we have taken action to prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence.”

The RNC, meanwhile, told Motherboard that “on Wednesday, we decided independently to stop fundraising on all of our digital platforms, including on Salesforce.” —Vice

It isn’t bad enough that the Pelosi Soviet Star Chamber impeachment process forbids any witnesses not approved by the prosecution — and renders their sentence before the first evidence is even heard — now they have prevented the (officially presumed innocent!) accused party from contacting his own subscribers to push back against how an extremely and openly hostile media monopoly.

But PLEASE, tell us more about this ‘unity’ you speak of.

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