Two Russian Bros Took Off Their Shirts And Had A Duel With Fireworks (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 5, 2021

These two bros had a duel with fireworks. The cops weren’t happy about it.

Some Russians turn to contests like drinking and slapping each other unconscious to prove themselves in contests of strength or whatever.

Not these two.

They got themselves some fireworks and used them as some kind of a sulfur-burning version of a paintball battle.


In the snow.

Naturally. (We DID say this was Russia, after all.)

Russian police are hunting for two shirtless men who fought each other with fireworks in the street.

In a bizarre turn of events, the two men can be seen staging a Harry Potter style ‘duel’ with the colourful fireworks, as explosions and smoke surround them.

The pair move from side to side whilst shooting the fireworks at each other. They both try to avoid the sparks, which come dangerously close to them.

…The two men took part in the dangerous ‘duel’ during their New Year’s Eve celebrations shortly after the clocks struck midnight in Balashikha, a town near the capital Moscow.

Large explosions can be seen bouncing on the ground near the men’s feet and some fireworks shoot up into the air, narrowly missing their heads.

A group of more than a dozen onlookers can be seen lining a nearby grocery store whilst cheering on the men. –DailyMail

Harry Potter? Why does everything have to come back to Harry Potter? What’s wrong with a reference to, say, the OK Corral?

Anyway, these guys are either fearless, drunk, or stupid. Maybe even more than one of these applies. But however tough they might be, they can’t hold a candle to…

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