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Will Biden’s Associate AG Nominee Make America More Vulnerable To School Shooters?

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The road to hell is paved, they say, with good intentions. Are Democrat ‘good intentions’ about to unleash hell on our schoolkids, getting God alone knows how many others killed? And if this prediction plays out as we would expect, will Dems blame the problem on GUNS rather than their own bad policy?

If you needed another argument for getting your kids out of the public system and into a parallel option, here you go. Democrats want to pull cops out of schools.

President Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. Associate Attorney General called for the elimination of police officers from all schools.

Vanita Gupta is the CEO and President of the Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights and has been tapped by the Biden administration to help lead the U.S. Attorney General office. In a 416-page report obtained by The Federalist, Gupta’s organization recommended banning law enforcement from schools.

…In another section, the organization specifically demands that elected officials redistribute police funding to “hiring school counselors, mental health counselors, community intervention workers, and restorative justice coordinators to respond to student behavioral problems.”

Gupta’s report also claims that school districts are “increasingly turning disciplinary matters over to school police.” This allegedly leads to the increased arrest and use of excessive force on students of color, students with disabilities, and students who identify as LGBTQ. These students are allegedly subject to increased arrest for “minor misbehaviors.” —DailyWire

Why does this plan sound kinda familiar…? Oh, that’s right. Because it comes from the same fever-dream imagination that gave us ‘defunding the police’ (with the crime waves that followed) as well as something called the ‘PROMISE PROGRAM’.

What they THINK this will do for schools, and what this will ACTUALLY do for schools are two very different things. The fatal flaw in liberal policy always happens in the same transition — the shift from theory to practice.

Have we learned nothing from the litany of failures documented in Parkland Florida when it tragically became a household name back on Valentine’s Day in 2018?

What Democrats forget is that their turn-a-blind-eye-to-offenders approach that was specifically aimed at preventing young offenders from coming to the attention of law enforcement — the PROMISE Program in particular — EXPLICITLY blocked all of the legal safeguards that would otherwise have prevented this serial killer from getting his hands on the weapon that killed and injured so many innocents that day.

Those of us who followed the Cowards of Broward story looking into what went wrong that day will remember several failure points. One is the PROMISE Program, the other is the conduct of the officers themselves.

Had they not been constrained by the PROMISE Program, police could have dealt with this threat when the offender’s criminality was merely a public nuisance, long before it metastasized into a full-blown rampage.

The Broward County school district is now acknowledging that Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooter N****** C*** was in fact referred to its PROMISE program. — MiamiHerald [Killer’s name redacted by ClashDaily, because the scumbag doesn’t deserve the notoriety.]

There is another problem with removing cops from schools, that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas incident reminds us of all too well.

Have we forgotten so soon that the BROWARD police were cowering in fear waiting for another police detachment to arrive on scene rather than doing their jobs? Had they stepped up, the sonofabitch roaming the halls taking lives might have been too busy engaging with armed cops to play cat-and-mouse with defenseless students and slipping out among the masses of fleeing students as though he were just another fleeing victim.

We have reported on other examples where a fast-acting cop can put down a killer like the dog he is before anyone else gets hurt. We’ve covered plenty of stories where the rationale of the killer explicitly choosing soft targets where he would have many victims and little threat to himself to maximize the harm he could do at minimal risk to himself has been covered here and elsewhere. (Think back to the Aurora theater, for example, where he was taken alive after being armed to the teeth, wearing full armor, and attacking unsuspecting people in the dark.)

Removing the modest security schools now have to deter some misanthrope from using death and mayhem to make an otherwise empty life nationally known does NOT seem like a great idea.

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