China Suckerpunches Pope, Breaks Deal With Church . . . Is Xi Still Biden’s BFF?

Written by Wes Walker on February 21, 2021

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If Joe shrugs at China’s mass incarceration of Muslim minority Ugyhurs over racial and religious differences, will he care about treaty-breaking and picking fights with the Pope?

The leftist press regaled us with stories about wonderful it was to have such a devout Catholic as Joe Biden in office after the [expletive deleted] guy whose administration he followed.

Now that the Communist Party in China is directly challenging the independence of the Catholic Church to appoint its own religious leaders, and taking that honor upon themselves will Joe take the bold stand against a misanthropic tyrant, or is he saving his strength to keep attacking Americans who belong to the ‘wrong’ political party.

Mr. Unity? Not bloody likely. We remember, not so long ago, elected Democratsattacking nominees explicitly because they WERE Catholic.

As Joe hides behind timid words of ‘different cultures’ keep in mind how freely he accused the prior president of being gutless in situations far less black-and-white than this.

In 2018, the Vatican made a ‘breakthrough’ deal with the Vatican about the appointment of bishops. Having seen China’s militant athiesm at work, together their habit of jailing underground church pastors, bulldozing churches, and replacing crosses and crucifixes with pictures of Xi, we were skeptical of any agreement.

As it turns out, the Pope should also have been more skeptical. China just stabbed him in the back.

Beijing has quietly indicated that it will soon abrogate its “breakthrough” 2018 agreement with the Vatican, which was meant to settle a decades-long dispute over the appointment of bishops in China.

In November, shortly after exchanging diplomatic notes verbales with Rome to renew the deal for another two years, China thoroughly negated it in a dry public posting by the state bureaucracy. Order No. 15, on new administrative rules for religious affairs, includes an article on establishing a process for the selection of Catholic bishops in China after May 1. The document makes no provision for any papal role in the process, not even a papal right to approve or veto episcopal appointments in China, which was supposed to be the single substantive concession to the Vatican in the agreement. It’s as if the deal never happened.

Reneging on a deal with Pope Francis may not be as consequential as overturning the “one country, two systems” agreement that was supposed to guarantee Hong Kong’s autonomy after the city’s return from the United Kingdom to China, but it does reveal the peril of international partnerships with Beijing.

…The new rules stipulates that CPCC-aligned clergy actively support the ruling Communist Party. Article 3 requires them to “support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party” and “the socialist system,” as well as to “practice the core values of socialism.” The rules also require clergy to promote “social harmony,” by which Beijing means conformity of thought. In other words, the rules aim to turn churches into another arm of the authoritarian Chinese regime.

…Partnering with Xi’s China is a rigged game, because the CCP doesn’t play by fair rules. It honors bilateral agreements to the extent that they serve its ends; it has no qualms about breaking its end of an agreement after the other party has fulfilled theirs. There is, sadly, little appetite among other nations for holding Xi’s regime to account for such lawlessness. But as a Catholic and a world leader, President Biden should take a close interest in what is happening to the Church in China, and he should use his power to penalize the CCP for its perfidy and to keep it in focus before committing the U.S. in any future partnerships with Beijing. — NationalReview

This is no minor infraction. As the National Review aptly points out, China’s contracts with ANYONE now aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell.

Ignoring this, and letting it pass is encouraging the Tyrant to further consolidate his power against one of the few moral voices left in his country who can stand up and tell him he’s wrong. More likely, history will remember Joe’s reaction to Xi’s overreach with a different headline.

“Lapsed Catholic Stands Silent While Communists Who Enriched Him Hijack The Church”

It’s easy to take potshots at Trump, but at least he stood strong against China and defended religious freedom. How, exactly, does this make Biden the ‘better Christian’, OR the better leader and defender of freedom on the world stage?

Maybe it’s time to think seriously about relocating the Olympics to a country to actually honors agreements, and participate in genocide against its own citizens.

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