CPAC: Ted Cruz Calls Republicans To Champion Fun And Freedom (VIDEO)

Published on February 26, 2021

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The right’s winning ticket against the ‘get-off-my-lawn’ liberals is Liberty and laughter. Ted is leading by example, by opening his CPAC speech by making a joke at his own expense.

Lighten up, folks. If Rush Limbaugh taught us anything, it was how to be happy warriors, and to enjoy the rough-and-tumble of political life.

There is a stat in the middle of Ted Cruz’s speech that stood out for me.

Thirty-seven tons.

That’s how much sand the left committed to stopping Californian teens from having fun in a skate park.

Days later, the kids had dug it all out again. Because there is something in us that craves liberty. There’s a reason Ted mentions a hyothetical skater kid later on in his message. THAT is who we need to target with our message. . . people who understand how a super-powerful government has been playing hall moniter with every single aspect of our lives, and would rather live as free men and women.

If we carry the right message to the people — THIS message — it WILL resonate.

Ted had some fun with this one. He was on fire.

He unleashed some of his inner William Wallace — as did at least one guy in the audience. But he also reminded us all of what we’re really about.

If this is any indicator of things to come at CPAC, we’re in for a helluva weekend.

The leftists will hate it, obviously. But for everyone else?


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