Dems Propose New Domestic Terror Security Rule . . . We Offer Some Improvements

Written by Wes Walker on February 16, 2021

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The march to spotlight domestic threats on the right while downplaying threats on the left continues apace, as a core of ‘Moderate’ Democrats turn their attention to the truly grave threat on Democracy of the day… QAnon.

The Blue Dog Coalition, a group of moderate Democrats who focus on issues related to national security, endorsed two bills it says will help combat the threat of domestic terrorism and protect our nation’s classified information from those who breached the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

The group of 18 “fiscally responsible” Democrats say they want to prevent those who participated in the breach of the Capitol and members of the QAnon conspiracy movement to be barred from obtaining a federal security clearance and to bolster the ability of federal law enforcement agencies to investigate and report on domestic terror threats.

…Murphy’s bill aims to ban those who took part in breaching the Capitol and those who support QAnon from obtaining or keeping a national security clearance. …

…“As a former national security specialist at the Pentagon, I know how dangerous it is for individuals who participated in a violent attempt to overthrow our government to receive a security clearance and access classified information,” she said in a statement. –EpochTimes

This must certainly be the first example in all of recorded history of an armed populace leaving their guns at home while staging an ‘attempt to overthrow the government’.

Their sudden concern about a domestic security threat is precious. The party that fought like hell to prevent security clearance from being revoked from top-level CIA and FBI officials who had been shown to have abused their official powers to settle personal scores and push partisan gains cares about security clearance?

Where were they when we were talking about Hillary’s email or those sketchy security bros hired by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who kept their clearance and computer access long after their credentials were questioned?

Lifetime ban on those participating in the Jan 6 riots? Sure — if they can be shown to have trespassed on the Capitol. No objections here, there is a measurable standard and a disqualifying crime.

But ‘membership’ in QAnon? How exactly is that going to work? And how will the legislation be crafted so that it’s actually Constitutional?

Freedom of Assembly is still a ‘thing’ right?

And how are you going to define ‘membership’? It’s not as though there was some kind of an oath and membership dues. It seems to have been some kind of a hodgepodge mix of rumors, funny memes, and a whole lot of speculation about whether or not Trump had some inside guys who would be able to unmask some of the worst offenders in the permanent political class in DC (sometimes called ‘the swamp’).

Some people were absolutely convinced that Trump was biding his time and all the more sinister players would get arrested and perp-walked once the evidence against them had amassed.

Considering we’ve still not heard a whisper from Durham yet, that pipe dream must seem pretty silly to them in hindsight.

But there are plenty of retirees who just tuned in for the entertainment value of the rumor-mill that was generated with an Alex Jones kind of fascination. It seems pretty unlikely that they pose some kind of a security threat.

But this whole legislation opens up Pandora’s Box. Why are they being so selective with which groups they want Security pulled for? There’s a Democrat on the National Security committee whose office has been infiltrated by a suspected Chinese Honeypot Spy. You could throw Senator Feinstein into the mix as well.

As for domestic terror groups with a history of being linked to criminal activity, we can come up with a few far more dangerous names than QAnon.

We should expect amendments to this bill to add Antifa and Black Lives Matter to this list. That would make life rather awkward for more than a few elected Democrats who have aligned themselves with one or both of these groups . . . in some cases even helping to raise bail money for those who had already been arrested for criminal rioting, violence against law enforcement, damaging federal property, burning down police stations, seizing and holding several blocks of Seattle by force and declaring it ‘autonomous’ and so on.

BLM was founded by avowed Marxists who are not averse to using violence to achieve political goals. It has dubious financial ties to the CCP and their funding was sponsored for years through a group that counts a real-live convicted former domestic Terrorist (Communist, of course) Susan Rosenberg among its board members. She was best remembered for her connection in a bomb plot, targeting Senators.

Antifa members have attacked Federal institutions — including firebombing an ICE facility and sustaining a months-long siege against a federal courthouse in Portland, while Democrats like Nadler dismiss them as a myth.

Maybe Nadler could ask the hundreds of cops who were injured in Portland alone if those injuries are a ‘myth’ as well. Or the attendees (including Rand Paul) who were accosted, threatened with assault (sometimes even sexual assault) as they tried to leave the event on the White House lawn last summer.

Speaking of the White House — BLM led an attack on the White House that threatened to breach security. When the Secret Service made the decision to move the sitting President to a more defensible position, Joe Biden and the Democrats mocked him.

If the exact same scene had played out today, under a different banner of protest, against the successor president, you can be damned sure it would be reported in a much different light.

The protesters wouldn’t be ‘peaceful’, the president wouldn’t be ‘cowering’ and the event itself would absolutely be called an ‘attack on democracy’.

Should we amend that security bill and extend it to include people with connections to Antifa and BLM? If not, they would need to explain WHY not.

That tapdancing alone might be worth the price of admission.

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