WTF? Convicted Murderer Turned Activist Suggests Paying Murderers Not To Kill People

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2021

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It’s almost a cliche to say the left’s solution to every social problem is to throw money at it… but cliche or no, they keep giving us new examples to prove the point.

This time, it’s the murder problem.

Baltimore has had a crime problem, and at least part of that problem, as ClashDaily has previously reported, is due to the fact that Baltimore has had serious difficulty in police recruiting.

Their police force has been understaffed for a number of years (going at least as far back as to include stories of national interest during the Obama Administration), and City Hall has been trying to crack that nut ever since.

Even before we had national calls to ‘defund the police’, Baltimore had become an unintentional test case for the effect of a depopulated police force on a city.

Activists from the left have proposed an … unorthodox … solution. Naturally, it involves throwing money at the problem. In this case, the problem they are throwing money at is the killers themselves.

Tyree Moorehead claims to know what’s driving the murder rate. How would he know? He spent 18 years behind bars for second-degree murder when he was 15. He claims to know the guys who are doing it, and know their motivation. Money.

His suggestion: Pay shooters to stop killing.

There’s a little more to it… counselling etc. But the keystone to his idea is giving them money.

Here’s why it’s getting attention. It’s been tried in another city, and the murder rate went down. But, not everyone is convinced.

A similar strategy has been used before in Richmond, California, one of the most dangerous cities in the country, which paid criminals up to $1,000 a month, as well as provided counseling and job help, NPR reported in 2016.

The suburb of Oakland saw its murder rate cut in half, the station said.

Former Baltimore police spokesman TJ Smith agreed that a creative approach is needed to thwart the violence in the city — but said cash is not the answer.

“It could make it easier for people to get their hands on guns because they now have an influx of a different level of cash,” he told Fox 45. – NYPost

Put us down in the ‘skeptical’ column. It’s nice to see that liberals are taking decisions and motiviations into consideration for what is behind the actions, but this seems a pretty simplistic solution to a complex problem. And one that can create more problems that it solves.

Not the least of them being, what other budget priority will suffer to offset these new costs?

There are plenty of impoverished people in the world who would sooner starve than turn to crime. Poverty might intensify the problems, but to call it foundational seems a catastrophic oversimplification of the complexities of human behavior.

Real solutions will have to look deeper. You know who was the master at cutting through the distractions and getting to the root of the issue?

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