WATCH: ‘You Are The Renegades’ — Bongino’s CPAC Speech Rallies Base To Never Give Up

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2021

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After an outcome in November that none of us wanted or expected, what is the atmosphere at CPAC? We are Defiantly Rowdy.

For a website whose informal signoff is ‘stay rowdy’, we couldn’t be happier about the tone CPAC is taking.

With Big Tech and the Media dragging old Joe’s sorry carcass across the finish line by keeping the public in the dark about Trump’s triumphs, Joe’s baggage, and making sure that Orange Man Bad took the blame for problems that are now being laid squarely at the Luv Gov’s feet, the conservative movement in other years might be licking its wounds and wondering what the hell went wrong.

But not this year.

This year, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting back at it, like the future of our country might depend upon it — and looking at how aggressively the left are pressing their slimmest of advantages to bankrupt us all with their leftist agenda.

This crop of conservatives remembers how to fight.

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Is there a load of dead-weight RINOs weighing down the party? We’ll get off our asses and primary them.

Are we getting shut down and shoved off of social media? We’ll start new ones. Servers shut down? We’ll buy our own. Banks refusing to process payments? We’ll start our own damned banks if we have to.

WE are the rebels.

WE are the renegades.

And it doesn’t matter how badly the odds are stacked against us, WE have the principles worth getting back up off the mat and fighting for, and because we ARE right, if we keep fighting until we come out on top, our victory isn’t a question of If, but a question of WHEN.

We can only be vanquished at the moment we decide to give up the fight.

HE is not giving up the fight.

WE are not giving up on that fight, either.

Stay rowdy, Clash Nation!

Stay rowdy!

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