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Tech Tyrants Beware: That Free Speech Social Media App You Nuked Is Back In Business!

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If there’s any truth to the claim that you are defined by the quality of the enemies you stack up, Parler is on track to run with the big dawgs… just look at what they’ve survived so far!

Ever since the left got their nose out of joint when Trump ate their lunch on social media and leveraged an electoral win which almost everyone thought was a gimme for Hillary walk away with, they have been looking for ways to settle some scores.

Facebook and Twitter went scorched earth on sites like this one, playing games with our reach before pulling the plug entirely, after accepting God alone knows how much ad revenue in the building up of these digital assets. Many sites have gone out of business. Others like ours are still hanging on.

But the financial pressure we’re all facing is real. And it’s intentional.

The left wants to silence dissenting opinions. That’s why it makes a difference if you pages you want to support, like ours we would hope, exempted from the restrictions of any ad-blockers. Ad revenue is what helps us keep the lights on. Many of us are small operations with just a handful of staff and the little things like that really do make a difference. Joining our mailing list (and clicking to open it from time to time) is another way to help sites like ours stay in touch with our readers. It allows direct communication limiting Big Tech’s ability to suppress ideas they don’t like.

Competitors noticed the Big social media apps silencing ‘wrongthink’ and offered social media options promising not to silence speech.

In January of 2021, with President Trump being the biggest of many dominoes to fall on major tech platforms, Parler started an enormous growth spurt. At one point, it was the highest-trending app downloaded on either mobile platform. It was big enough that they had trouble keeping up with the growing pains, and had to get more servers.

It was a good problem to have. Until the Big Tech overlords decided it needed to be destroyed.

The claim went out that Parler was the ‘superspreader’ for dangerous political ideas including the chatter that led up to the January 6th riot. (Fact check: evidence now shows that Facebook played a far more prominent role than Parler in such arrangements, but FB has faced no sanctions.)

Apple and Google both removed Parler from the list of apps available for download. At about the same time, Amazon gave an excuse for pulling the plug on all their servers, giving only 24 hours’ notice. There was an issue with the CEO at the time who has since been given his walking papers. And they had to rebuild.

But they are back online for a social media presence.

And so are we.

ClashDaily’s main account will always be that of our founder and resident Big Dawg, Doug Giles — (you can find it at the top of the article).

Yours truly can be found there as @Weslcwalker, but I haven’t done much posting yet, and my co-conspirator here can be found at @KarenWalker.

(You can also find our stuff posted on MeWe, under the website name.)

If you thought any of us were ready to run up that white flag of surrender just because the fight got harder, you have underestimated us.

Parler is just one front among many battles where we planning on taking the fight back to them, and putting the various cultural overlords back on their heels.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck