Rival Nation’s Education Lifts Traditional Masculinity Over Soy-Boy Chic… Will America Do The Same?

Written by Wes Walker on February 5, 2021

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Any ClashDaily reader will quickly realize our respect for the role traditional masculinity plays in society.

Our Big Dawg, Doug Giles, co-hosts ‘Warriors and Wildmen‘, a weekly show, with a stated objective of raising up believers with brains and balls.

Rather than decry ‘toxic masculinity’, we embrace a Christ-centered masculine model in which society suffers if men fail to step up into the responsibility of being provider, protector, hunter and hero.

The socialist left has been trying to push a bait-and-switch where that old view of masculinity is replaced with a soft-focus, soy-boy, candy-@ss version.

Ironically, an avowedly Communist country is more committed to standing up to that brand of cultural corrosion than activist desk jockeys here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Local governments and schools will soon be required to increase the number of gym teachers as well as improve teaching methods that “cultivate masculinity”, according to the Ministry of Education’s plan announced on Thursday. The initiatives aim to improve schoolboys’ mental and physical health while the ministry conducted further research, it said.
The call to action is a response to top political adviser Si Zefu’s suggestion that the country needed to combat the increasing “feminisation” of young men who he described as “delicate, cowardly and effeminate”.

…He also called for more male teachers to “combat the issue” while voicing concern over the “threat to the development and survival of our nation”. –SouthChinaMorningPost

In other words…

Chinese schools nationwide “will be required to … increase their efforts to improve the quality and ability of physical education teachers, and at the same time, appropriately improve the teaching of physical education teachers methods and forms, pay more attention to the cultivation of students’ ‘masculinity’, and continue to add new physical education teachers through multiple channels [sic],” the Chinese Ministry of Education’s official statement in response to the proposal read.

“I have discovered through observation that young boys in China are weak, inferior, and timid. It is the ‘feminization’ of boys. The ‘feminization’ trend of Chinese youth, if not effectively managed, will inevitably endanger the survival and development of the Chinese nation,” Si Zefu, a top Chinese government policy advisor, said in May 2020. –Breitbart

They will get pushback from the usual activists, but this is the same China that has no problem making political dissidents ‘disappear’.

Does their emphasis on masculine virtue come as a surprise? It shouldn’t, especially if they have an eye to projecting their own political (military?) power on the globe in the near future. Check out this 2018 recruitment video for the Chinese military:

Is it time we rethink our own national trend toward embracing the soy-boy vision of ‘less toxic’ masculinity?

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