How BOTH Trump Impeachments Stem From ONE Strategy Predating His Inauguration

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2021

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If you thought that Time story admitting to a highly-coordinated effort to swing the election to help Biden beat Trump was a new development, we have news for you. One Clinton flunkie put a plan in writing way back in the Obama/Trump transition.

Democrats were pissed over how Trump stomped them like a narc in a biker rally in 2016. It was ‘impossible.’ Hillary was a shoo-in. But he beat them anyway.

Close Clinton allies were NOT going to let him get away with it again. They created an action plan, published it, and executed it over the next four years.

In this plan we see — in their own words — the seeds of what later grew to become the viciousness of social media, cancel culture, pressure tactics, and the politics of personal destruction.

The document was written in a time where they still spoke of Trump as ‘president-elect’ yet one of the explicit objectives is the impeachment of Donald J Trump. That plan was published and shared even before he’d spent a single day in office.

There are explicit references to specific pressure tactics. We see the naming of four political proxy groups, each with a particular task and objective in the coordinated and sustained plan orchestrating the destruction of both Trump and his allies.

Well before Acosta was thoroughly outraged and apoplectic over Trump calling out CNN as fake news, we see these Clinton allies already throwing that label around.

We see an elaborate plan to use endless legal action in the courts, media allies, smear campaigns, ‘nonpartisan watchdogs’ and an army of volunteers to hit Trump from every possible angle, from using a steady stream of negative press to suppress his favorability ratings, to a steady drip of allegations of impropriety.

They even had their Russiagate, racism/sexism, and Deutchebank stories cued up and ready to go even before Day One.

In the coming days ClashDaily will take a closer look at various elements of their plan, but for now, here is the original document itself.

MEDIA MATTERS WAR PLAN 2017 Description:David Brock’s 49 page war manual for defeating the American right

This was never an effort aimed at defeating a poor political opponent with better ideas. This was playing dirty, even measured against the low bar of modern political ‘standards’.

It was a plan to make the American political area so dangerously toxic that both center-right Republicans and middle-of-the-road media personalities would terrified of having these same weapons of personal destruction leveled against them and be bullied into flipping and become NeverTrumpers. Judging by the Harvard study indicating Trump coverage was overwhelmingly negative (sometimes above 90%) that strategy worked very well.

The narrative gave allowing renegade RINOs the additional cover of being a ‘defender’ of both the moral high road and traditional conservatives. (See: Romney, Flake, McCain, Lincoln Project)

It also allowed Democrat candidates — even those with extreme positions — to position themselves as a ‘return to normalcy’ by cranking the perpetual outrage up to eleven so that anything other than Trump would almost seem like a relief.

Because it worked so well, you can expect them to keep doing it, no matter HOW decent and honorable future right-of-center candidates might be. (Facts don’t matter, only power matters.)

The destroy Trump narrative took some time to hit critical mass, but Pelosi & Co. are doing their damnedest to make the smear stick. The question is… will the public let them keep being rewarded for their elaborate politics of personal destruction?

Is this tactic, involving the acknowledged cooperation of members of politics and media even legal in our current political system? Does it violate any aspects of election law?

Are there grounds for a lawsuit by any individuals who have been unjustly targeted and harassed? Could an enterprising state-level AG explore RICO implications?

What role did this highly-partisan group have in the formation of social media ‘fact-checkers’ and de-platforming of conservatives — would such a relationship invalidate any of the Section 230 protections from lawsuits?

This document raises all sorts of questions. The most profound of them being…

What will it take before Americans can once again have an election decided by policy differences and not just who can whip up the most vicious and conniving political attack dogs?

Seriously, between spying in 2016, and big tech/media/corporate/democrat collusion in 2020, where do we go from here?

It’s going to take some grit and courage to step up to this organized opposition. But we’ve got the best of all possible role models there.

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