Are You Bold Believer or a ‘Christian’ Coward? (Part 2)

Written by Doug Giles on March 22, 2021

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I’ve got good news and bad news. If you’re lacking courage, it’s part of a bigger problem. But it’s a problem that can be solved.

Do you want to be bold as a lion?

Sure you do. Who wouldn’t?

Do you want to know what stands in the way of walking with that kind of boldness?

It isn’t how much you’ve pumped up your courage, or daily affirmations, or how much you’ e racked at the gym. It’s something that goes to the very core of who a person is, wrapped up into the deepest part of you.

Don’t worry.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with whatever level of courage you’re getting by with on an ordinary day. You can ramp that courage WAY up. You can get there. Anyone can.

But to get there?

You’ll do it God’s way.

Let me explain to you what I mean.

Want a visual cue to remind you of the huge idea you’ve bee wrapping your head around in this message? Something to remind you who you were made to be?

Put a large-as-life reminder up on your walls.

If you think some of this art would look great on the walls of your home or your office, you’re in luck. Follow the links for details on what kinds of prints and originals are available for your favorite piece.

And don’t forget to browse his gallery while you’re there — it’s got something for everyone.

-Epic nature.
-Great Historical figures.
-Inspiring Biblical scenes.
-And some badass images from pop culture.

Today’s art features…

Retreat Before No One

Raw Africa — Lion

Red Lion