COVIDICTATOR: Dr. Fauci Says Don’t Let Kids Play Together Without Wearing Masks (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 28, 2021

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Dr. Fauci’s newest diktat to parents is just bizarre if you’re following “The Science™.”

But then, this is a man who is fully vaccinated and is still wearing a mask in public while urging you to “trust The Science.”

Although children can still catch the coronavirus, The Science™ says they don’t really seem to spread it very much. National Geographic reported that a study from Iceland shows children are half as likely as adults to spread the virus if they have it, and they’re significantly less likely to get seriously ill if they do contract the illness.

Children and youth have been suffering from lockdowns with depression, anxiety, drug use, self-harm, and suicide is on the rise for that demographic — sometimes children as young as 10 are considering suicide.

On Face The Nation on Sunday, CBS anchor Margaret Brennan asked Dr. Fauci about what parents should expect for a second pandemic summer for their kids.

While squeezing in a surprising number of weasel words into one short clip, Dr. Fauci says that sending the kids to summer camp maybe, might, perhaps, possibly, if the conditions hold be an option…

…but you’d best pack a few masks along with the mosquito repellent and a hat.

While Dr. Fauci seems to give hope to some sort of normalcy with the possibility — maybe, perhaps, if everyone is vaccinated and behaves themselves and the goalposts aren’t moved — that the kiddos can go to camp this summer, he then throws a damper on it.

Unfortunately, Ms. Brennan didn’t ask Dr. Fauci about the report in The Telegraph that said that children in the United Kingdom are suffering physically from prolonged mask-wearing in the classroom with things like headaches, light-headedness, fatigue, dizziness, breathing difficulties, and facial rashes.

Considering she was speaking about children playing, she also didn’t ask Dr. Fauci to point out the scientific study that shows that people should wear masks outdoors, which seems relevant. She also didn’t query Dr. Fauci on the question that Sen. Rand Paul asked him about the study that shows that people should continue to wear masks after they are fully vaccinated.

Dr. Fauci has said some pretty weird things in the past year that don’t follow The Science™.


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