Every Child Knows The Secret Behind Defanging The Left’s Most Powerful Weapon … So Let’s USE It

Written by Wes Walker on March 24, 2021

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From time immemorial, civilizations have kept repositories of wisdom in places that would survive the even most foolish and self-destructive of generations. Even ours.

The left has figured this life hack out, and they’ve exploited it in gaining the cultural upper hand. It is also a primary motivation behind the scorched-earth tactics they are taking to our shared history.

Those stories define us, shape us, guide us, and unify us.

If those same stories become hated, loathed, wretched things, the very things that once defined us, shaped us, guided us and unified us will be abandoned, leaving the following generation to grope in the dark searching for new things to replace them with. New things that revolutionaries will gladly provide.

It’s the Blueprint attempted by the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. But the Old Ways were not so easily expunged. They were too ingrained in the wider culture for any Secular Utopia or ‘Temple of Reason’ to replace them. The Soviets and Mao learned from that mistake, and used the same techniques more successfully because they stripped away and demonized the old ways and then replaced them with ‘glorious’ new ones.

These ‘new’ ones were, themselves, subject to endless revisions in whatever ways the regime needed them tweaked. For example…

The Left seems to believe they have captured enough of the culture that they can move forward with these same tactics in America. After all, they have thoroughly hijacked the education system, academy, the permanent bureaucracies, the media, big tech, athletics, many religious institutions and now even the military to back their cause.

It took the intervention of whatever back-room wheeling and dealing happened just before Super Tuesday, getting the right combination of candidates to step down or stay in to prevente an avowed Socialist who honeymooned in the old USSR from running away with the Democratic Primary.

Why wouldn’t the hard left press their luck? From their perspective, they are at the peak of their power. Their side has been burning down cities and courthouses with impunity while the press clutches their pearls about some supposedly dangerous pseudo-movement that really believed Trump had some master plan to drain the swamp of these wretches.

Look around folks. The parasites are still working away in the DC swamp, while Trump packed up and left to Mar-A-Lago. Even the so-called ‘insurrection’ didn’t collect a SINGLE firearm from anyone who had been arrested.

Their side cares DEEPLY about narrative-building. In fact, that is more important to them than facts, because stories are tremendously powerful tools. Aesop used them. Morality tales and fairy tales used them. Even Jesus used them.

They are so important because they are a compelling way of harnessing the imagination and emotions as well as the rational mind to absorb an idea.

Think of any ancient culture. They have their great stories. Their myths, their epic struggles, victories, betrayals, failures. All of them taught the audience something about the world they live in.

It’s not unlike an old 80s flick called The NeverEnding Story come to life. In that movie, a great malevolent force aptly called The Nothing devoured the fantasy world of this story and it took a child’s imagination to rebuild it.

That’s a picture of how narrative works. That movie’s narrative has perfect parallels to the world unfolding around us right now — there are those who would destroy, with scorched earth tactics leaving a great void of nothing in it’s place, and the only way to beat back that nothing is a spark of imagination and creation to restore order in the world of anarchy others would have us live in. Failure wouldn’t leave us an empty world, but it could be a desolate, authoritarian one that those who woke up to the Hammer and Sickle knew all too well.

And painting the problem in a picture like makes it more accessable than pointing to tables, statistics, and political philosophy.

If we want to build and expand on the native freedoms this land was founded under, we, like the kid in that movie, will need to rebuild. But getting to that point will take a lesson from a far more relevant story. One that almost every child will instantly recognize.

You see, human nature doesn’t change too much over time. Those who would now reduce all we hold sacred to ash have been following a well-worn path that has been known for a very long time. It has been followed for so long that the solution to this great evil has been encoded into a story we pass down to our children… ready for the day we might need that lesson.

Here’s the real-world version. The left wants to crush all opposition to their long-term goals.

What is their tactic? They begin with a threat disguised as a pronouncement. A popular one these days would be ‘All white people are racist’.

Next, they make that accusation unfalsifiable — in this case, when white people deny that they are racist, that is evidence of ‘white fragility’ — or whatever other nonsense they might trot out.

Now you’re trapped. You are ‘guilty’ of The Thing, and you cannot disprove The Charge Against You.

You have two choices, grant your accusers power over you by agreeing with The Lie…
Face whatever punishment is due the ‘offender’ who denies his guilt.

It’s a trap. Heads they win. Tails you lose.

They KNOW it’s a trap, it has been DESIGNED as a trap. The cleverness of THIS trap is that it allows a relative FEW to wield significant power against the MANY.

They do this by harnessing crowd dynamics (like the Prisoner’s Dilemma) to keep everyone in check. Nobody wants to be the ONE guy thrown to the wolves, and so every neighbor in this sick game colludes with the prison guards, trying to prove THEY are the model prisoner while calling out the other guy for his bad behavior.

If this dynamic seems like it should be tweaking a memory, you’re right. Every child has heard this story, but most would not recognize it for the dynamite that it truly is.

The Emporer’s New Clothes.

The dynamic is the same.

Con men and grifters got close to the seat of power and sold a powerful lie — those magical clothes ‘made of moonbeams’ that were so wondrously beautiful, but — here’s the catch — they could only be seen by those worthy of their station.

The Emporer couldn’t see these mystical clothes, but he dare not admit that, or he’d be unworthy of his throne (think: ‘canceled’)
The court officials dare not admit it or they’d be fired.
The men and women who cared about their various place in society feared what they might lose, and so agreed with the lie.

Do you remember how the spell was broken in that story?

When someone who was NOT afraid of the power of the threat spoke the truth, broke the illusion and defanged the power of the threat. If the CHILD could see it was a lie, he could not possibly be unworthy of his station… and the real villain in the story was shown to be, not the first person to be exposed, but the con men who forced an entire city to live in fear of speaking the truth in the first place.

We see those con men today, burning down our culture, despising everything on which it was built, with no discernable plan of what they would erect in its place beyond some vague notion of Utopia. Ironically, Utopia means a place that does not exist. The literary term utopia denotes an illusionary place that projects the notion of a perfect society to the reader.

The zealots really are embarked on a project of building ‘The Nothing’.

Trump was elected precisely BECAUSE we recognized in him the same archetypical role the child in the Emporer’s New Clothes played. The fears and the threats so ruthlessly efficient when it came to destroying or containing other politicians had ZERO power, ZERO ability to control, cajole or otherwise terrify Donald J Trump.

He would not wither under the criticism, the slander, the financial hardships, the political pressure, the hatred of the public at large, and he would hit back.

We need to learn from that example — to multiply it across 75 Million, or more people who will stand up and defiantly say that we want no part of the racist reversal of everything that MLK fought and died for.

To stand up and say that the accusation of everybody being racist are built on a logical fallacy, a tautology and that we reject them in the same way that we reject all other slander, that America is a country in which a person is believed INNOCENT until PROVEN otherwise, and the same is true of accusations of racism.

To stand and say we will measure one another as men and women made in the image of Almighty God Himself and we will believe one another to be decent until they give us reason to believe otherwise.

We reject those who would poison society with a culture of distrust and envy because we, like Lincoln, and like Jesus Christ whose words Lincoln was invoking, deeply understand the meaning of the words ‘A House Divided Cannot stand’.

The only one who is empowered by a nation at war with itself, corrupted by seething distrust and unresolved suspicion will be him whose final goal is the dissolution of America itself, with some great unknown THING established in its place – or else perhaps a descent into general chaos as we saw after the fall of Rome.

The question that remains to be seen, will we find our voice and the courage we need to stand while there is still something of a country worth saving?

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