MY SON HUNTER: ‘Gosnell’ Movie Producers Readying An Expose On Biden Family Corruption

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2021

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Between Biden’s bragging about threatening to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine, to expose books, Senate hearings, and a certain laptop, there is plenty of material for a film exposing the corruption in the 46th President’s family.

It’s not like we can expect the DOJ to impartially investigate powerful and connected Democrats — we’ve already seen how THAT works out.

That doesn’t mean we’re held helpless. Often, sunlight makes the best disinfectant.

It doesn’t matter HOW powerful or connected you are, if public opinion turns against you in the light of damaging information, eventually even a media as corrupt as ours will be forced to report on it.

They’ve even started to report on the Border Crisis, haven’t they? Sure they needed to be dragged there kicking and screaming, but they’ve begun to acknowledge the problem.

The creators behind the Gosnell film know a thing or two about bringing people around to a reluctant position… as even some of the participants in that film left with a different view on things like abortion than what they began with.

This is the story that CNN, Silicon Valley, our corrupt media, and even government officials tried to silence and discredit — from the Burisma case, to family pay-for-play implications, to the laptop and a whistleblower business associate — polls have shown that enough Democrats would have changed their vote (or abstained) in key battleground states to completely flip the outcome of this last election, and give Trump his second term.

WaPo’s laughable slogan is that ‘democracy dies in darkness’… while providing the cover of darkness unscrupulous people need to conduct unconstitutional actions.

They failed in their duty of bringing important stories — like corruption in a presidential candidate’s family — to light.

This film aims to succeed where they failed… reversing the suppression of this story.

Now, filmmaker Phelim McAleer wants to show the world what voters missed.

McAleer’s next project, “My Son Hunter,” will detail all the sordid details behind the First Son’s misadventures.

Drug abuse
Shady business perks
Laptops gone wild
Government corruption
International wheeling and dealing
The story is ripe for a Hollywood biopic, but the industry would never tell a tale that would besmirch the Biden presidency. So McAleer will tackle it … with help from his considerable fan base. —HollywoodInToto

It will NOT be using the documentary format.

It will be an entertaing movie.

It will be crowdfunded, and showings will be free to the public.

To make that happen will take a crowdfunding effort. If you want in on this project, hit up their website, MySonHunter, for all the details.