WATCH: Journo Asks Why Biden Won’t Say That If People Don’t Wear Masks, They’re Going To Kill People

Written by Wes Walker on March 5, 2021

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We’ve moved WAY past ‘softball questions, and are now firmly in the territory of feeding Joe a narrative the Press would like to run with.

Is THIS the kind of ‘free press’ that the Framers imagined when they expressly defined special rights for journalism? Or is this furhter evidence of their other point that our political system only works properly when it is upheld by a certain kind of citizen population…

Here is a presstitute asking a strangely leading question of the Press Secretary.

Notice how it sounds more like a strategy meeting Biden would have with an advisor behind closed doors in how to one-up his poitical rivals than it does a reporter seeking information.

For one thing, he uses the buzzwords ‘follow the science’ TWICE in a way that makes him sound like someone pulled a string on his back just before he said it.

For another, he is offering tips on how to really stick it to his political rivals, with tactics that could have been lifted DIRECTLY from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals # Rule 13 pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

What was this ‘reporter’ railing against, really?

The removal of criminal penalties for not wearing masks.

If the reporter REALLY cared about COVID, he could have asked about Covid positive illegal immigrants being released into the general population without any quarantine period, where they will take some sort of transportation to various parts of the country. . . or possibly stick around in places like TEXAS.

He might ask if Biden was willing to finally condemn CUOMO for a deliberate coverup of facts relating to CCP Wuhan Coronavirus deaths in NY nursing homes. He did not.

He was a Democrat with a press pass looking for ways to leverage political advantage with the COVID story by taking jabs at Republicans.

This is the extreme partisanship that kept voters in the dark about things that would have kept them from voting for Biden in the first place — things like Trump’s many Covid successes in Project Warp Speed, Cuomo’s failures, Trump’s Middle East Peace initiatives, Tara Reade’s accusation that Joe raped her with his hand (does Kamala still believe his accuser, by the way?), Hunter’s laptop, and a business partner stating unequivocally that Joe Biden was taking money from CCP affiiated Chinese Business partners.

If you listen carefully to this narrative, what is the journalist’s objective? (Besides scoring partisan points, of course.)

He is pushing for a concentration of even GREATER power of the Government over the ordinary Citizen, and against any slackening of those powers.

What happened to all supposedly anti-authoritarian attack dogs of the White House Press corps who saw potential nazis under every bush?

They opposed Trump’s slashing of red tape and increasing of personal freedoms as ‘authoritarian’ or ‘reckless’. They cheered Kamala for helping raise bail for violent rioters, looters, and punks who had maimed law enforcement officers of every race and gender while supporting aggressive Democrat prison release programs.

But now when someone comes along and says the government won’t arrest people for wearing a mask that there is no explicit legal violation for which one could genuinely charge that person… they lose their damn minds.

They ‘journos’ are a bunch of dishonest bootlicking clowns and should be treated as such.

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