How Is CCP Vandalizing A Newspaper In Hong Kong A Dire Warning To America?

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2021

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It isn’t the first time that the party of Xi has vented its rage against a newspaper critical of China’s Communist Party. They are getting bolder in their suppression of critics, including a hostile press.

Here’s what happened to the Epoch Times, one of the last Chinese-language publications still willing to speak critically of the Chinese Communist leadership.

In the early hours of April 12, four masked intruders broke into The Epoch Times’s printing plant in Hong Kong. They tossed construction debris and smashed equipment before fleeing in a white van. The Hong Kong edition of The Epoch times had to suspend its distribution until April 16.

This is the fifth time the printing press has been sabotaged since it was set up in 2006.

June Guo, director of The Epoch Times Hong Kong edition, said that during the last 20 years, staff working at the publication have been followed, some of their family members in mainland China had been threatened, and their advertising clients, business partners, and landlords had been pressured.

“The attack [on Hong Kong Epoch Times] was inevitable, and will get worse in the future,” Zhang said, attributing his prediction to the CCP’s increasingly vicious actions as it works to tighten its grip on Hong Kong.

“Since day one, when the CCP took power [in China], the single most important thing has been control,” Zhang said, adding that it needs to control the media as well as people’s minds and speech.

“The existence of The Epoch Times is increasingly threatening to the CCP,” he said.

The Epoch Times and Jimmy Lai’s Apple Daily are “definitely the main targets that they [the CCP] will suppress, attack, and eliminate. But on the other hand, I’m proud of The Epoch Times,” Zhang said.

“The Epoch Times is an incredible media outlet. As its impact grows in Hong Kong and around the globe, the CCP is terrified,” he said. “So when I saw the news, apart from indignation, I’m proud of The Epoch Times.” —EpochTimes

What happened to all the newspapers that might have spoken up against China?

Apart from the CCP’s own publications, other media outlets in Hong Kong “have been bought out by the CCP’s money. [They would] get a so-called ‘red-hat businessman’ to buy the whole newspaper with a lump sum,” he said.

“Basically, only two papers are left that are speaking the truth and fighting evil with righteousness,” he added. —EpochTimes

The press has been purchased by people aligned with the Communist Party’s Agenda.

Surely that could never happen here, right?

Wait, isn’t this blurring of the lines between Government and media exactly the sort of thing that Project Veritas has been exposing over at CNN?

Part 1: Propaganda
Part 2: Deliberately manipulating viewers
Part 3: Pushing one narrative despite evidence to the contrary

And think back to the last four years, culminating in the 2020 election cycle. Did the press ever apologize for reporting explicitly dishonest narratives based on provable hoaxes?

Did the media more generally treat scandals and rumors connected to the sons of Trump in the same way that they handled an actual criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, the demonstrable sketchy business dealings with foreign powers, or the quid pro quo that Joe himself boasted about with respect to getting a prosecutor in Ukraine fired, to the direct benefit of his son and his son’s wealthy business client?

What about the ability of Chinese money and influence to silence voices critical of the CCP across print, digital, and TV/film media?

How easily can they bully Top Gun into changes the patches on Tom Cruise’s flight jacket to exclude Taiwan?

How ESPN refused to be critical of China bullying the NBA over one guy who made a tweet they didn’t like?

But wait, there’s more!

An English-language newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department paid U.S. media companies nearly $2 million for printing and advertising expenses over the past six months, even amid heightened scrutiny over Beijing’s disinformation efforts in the West.

…Overall, China Daily spent more than $4.4 million on printing, distribution, advertising and administration expenses over the past six months, according to the FARA filing.

China Daily, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s State Council Information Office, its propaganda agency, has for years paid newspapers and magazines in the U.S. and other Western countries to publish advertorials designed to look like legitimate news articles. — DailyCaller, Nov 2020

Not only was Trump right about ‘fake news’…

Not only was Trump right about the threat posed by China…

Not even Trump was suggesting that they might both be part of the same story.

But aren’t they, ultimately, part of the same story?