COVIDICTATORS: Police Enforce Government COVID Orders, Erect Fencing Around Church Building (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 7, 2021

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Costco, Walmart, and other big box stores are open, but a church? Well, that could spread the virus! Can’t have that!

For months now, the government of Alberta has been fighting with GraceLife Church in Spruce Grove.

You may recall our ClashDaily articles on Pastor James Coates who has defied lockdown orders and spent 35 days in jail for refusing to close the doors of his church.

Dude is a badass, and he’s got his priorities in line with scripture. Life is so much more than just…not dying.

Prioritizing the spiritual health of his flock and preaching the Gospel of Jesus which prioritizes the eternal over the temporal has ticked off the government officials in  “Canuckistan.”

Alberta’s public health orders require face masks to be worn at all indoor gatherings, and churches are restricted to 15 percent of fire code capacity.

GraceLife Church held packed services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and the public health agency could not deal with it. It was the last straw for them. They shut ‘er down.

On Wednesday morning, Alberta Health Services (AHS) along with private security and the (at one point respectable) Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) went to the property of GraceLife church to oversee the erection of two layers of security fencing blocking off access to the church building. A black tarp was then used to cover the fencing in front of the church so that the doors aren’t visible from the road.

“Alberta Health Services physically closed GraceLife Church and has prevented access to the building until GLC can demonstrate the ability to comply with Alberta’s chief medical officer of health’s (CMOH) restrictions,” AHS said in a statement Wednesday morning…

According to AHS, steps taken prior to physically closing the site include:

  • an order issued by AHS on Dec. 17, 2020, requiring GLC to comply with CMOH restrictions
  • a Court of Queen’s Bench Order obtained on Jan. 21, 2021, requiring GLC to comply with the previous order
  • a Closure Order issued on Jan. 29, 2021, requiring closure until compliance with the restrictions was attained
  • on March 27, 2021, AHS sent a letter to the church’s pastor information on the continued spread of COVID-19
  • last week, AHS invited the pastor to meet virtually to discuss the risks presented by COVID-19, but the church has not provided any dates to meet

“GLC has decided not to follow these mandatory restrictions, nor have they attempted to work with AHS to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” AHS said.

Source: Global News

According to the government of Alberta’s website, the situation in the area where GraceLife Church is located is a drop in the bucket compared to what some states are dealing with. The entire province has a population of about 4.4 million, and they currently have 2,447 active cases in that region with fewer than 100 hospitalizations. Of the hospitalizations, only 19 are in ICU.

Church members, supporters, and those who think that the church is being reckless all showed up to watch what was going on.

Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel News was on the scene and sharing videos of the situation.

While you look at this, remember that this is in the province of Alberta, which is often described as Canada’s version of Texas (pre-Blue-State migration) with its conservative values and focus on freedom.

Rebel News head honcho, Ezra Levant, was also tweeting about the outrageous government measures.

One of the members of GraceLife posted a closer photo of the fencing.

Reid tweeted that some of the church members don’t seem too bothered by this development because they still have “four days to plan for services on Sunday.”

That is so BADASS!

We need more pastors like James Coates and churches like GraceLife pushing back on this government tyranny.

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