‘COVIDIOCRACY’ Video Shows CRAZY Behavior Of Mask Nazis And Social Distancing Sociopaths

Written by K. Walker on April 27, 2021

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These people have clearly been indoctrinated by the 24/7 pandemic porn and it’s left them a bit unhinged from reality.

It is truly unfortunate that the term “COVIDiot” has come to mean people who defy mask mandates, question social distancing, and those who “deny” that the ‘Rona is as serious as the fear-merchants in the media say it is. You know — normal people.

In my humble opinion, the term ‘COVIDiot” seems more apropos to describe the people who shut off their brains, fail to do any sort of research on the transmission of viruses, and uncritically embrace every Fauci-ite diktat because the prevaricating authoritarian smurf says that it’s about The Science™ without actually citing The Science™. Saint Fauci has admitted that he’s lied to the public about The Science™, and his proclamations don’t make sense when you stop for 5 seconds to consider The Science™. As just one example, if the vaccines are 90+% effective, then masking-up after vaccination is stupid. Period.

If someone is swallowing wholesale what both the CDC and the WHO say about COVID, then it’s pretty clear that they’re not too bright. Agreeing with both would be an interesting feat since the CDC and the WHO disagree on things like masking children. The CDC says children over the age of 2 should wear masks in public, while the WHO says masking should not be used for children under the age of 5 and that there are many factors to consider before masking children under age 12.

Let’s face it, our public health officials haven’t been completely honest with us for over a year now, and the experts that don’t agree with the narrative are shut down on social media and smeared in the mainstream media. Meanwhile, those same panic peddlers in the Corporate Media and their Big Tech allies are making lots and lots of money by turning the fear knob up to 11.

The real COVIDiots are the Fauci worshippers who believe in triple-masking and are hiding in their homes, binge-watching Netflix while waiting for Amazon orders while screaming online that Florida and Texas are run by “selfish” leaders who “want people to die” for lifting lockdowns and mask mandates.

Dictionary.com says, “An idiocracy is a disparaging term for a society run by or made up of idiots (or people perceived as such). Idiocracy is also the title of 2006 satirical film that depicts a future in which humanity has become dumb.”

We’re now living in a global “COVIDIOCRACY.”

Seriously, does this look like completely normal, rational behavior to you?

Is this the “new normal”?!

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to live in a place where it’s normal to wear a HAZMAT suit to go to the grocery store, get screamed at by a hysterical woman with a tape measure at the beach, or treat all of our children like they’re “Bubble Boy.” But then, I’m not a crazy Lib.

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