WATCH: Award-Winning Journalist Unmasks REAL Origin Of The Left’s Fake Fact-Checkers

Written by Wes Walker on April 2, 2021

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Remember when investigative journalism was about finding out the dirty little secrets powerful people didn’t want you to know? Sharyl Attkisson remembers.

Sitting down for an interview on American Thought Leaders, Sharyl threw light on the REAL origin story of the ‘fake news’ narrative, and very beginning of the origin of internet fact-checkers.

In her book, ‘Slanted’, she traces the origins of the use of the phrase ‘Fake News’, and a push for ‘independent third-party fact-checking’ back to 2016, and some Democrat-aligned non-profit called ‘First Draft’. First Draft traces back to Google. Then to Alphabet corp. Then to Eric Schmidt, the company’s CEO at the time.

Trump managed to accomplish what amounted to a ‘hostile takeover’ of their narrative, flipping ‘fake news’ on its head with his now-famous line, ‘You Are Fake News’.

But by then, the snowball had already started rolling down the mountain.

Here she is explaining more of what we all need to know about the Online third-party ‘fact-checkers’.

Obama and Hillary era Democrats may have been there for the birth of the idea, but it took their flunkies in ‘impartial watchdog’ organizations like Media Matters to push out the idea into the real world where it could take effect.

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