HYPOCRITE: Gov. Whitmer Went To Florida During Stay-At-Home Order — Then Blamed Travellers Returning From Florida For COVID Spread

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2021

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Dems love finding scapegoats for their problems and heaping restrictions (Constitutional or otherwise) upon the ‘little people’ for the ‘greater good’… and then ignoring their own restrictions.

Some of the most Fauci-adoring, authoritarian blue states have had some of the least success in getting out from under the shadow of the CCP virus. To say their infection and death rates have been dismal by either American or even global standards is to put it charitably.

She has decided that Spring Break is the appropriate scapegoat, pointing a bony finger of blame at Florida and DeSantis. No surprise there, since he has emerged as a threat to their narrative. His leadership has navigated both public safety and the freedom to earn a living and continue living your life, which is making other Governors look bad.

So she has settled on a line of attack. People coming to Michigan from Florida are bringing the bad, very bad Florida germs with them to the very good Michigan.

Here’s the full segment in context:

Does she believe any of it? Of course not. If she did, she would live differently.

No she’s just making restrictions for everyone ELSE’s lives. She is free to live as a responsible adult, assess her own risk factors and make decisions like a free citizen.

It’s just the REST of her state that cannot be trusted with such liberties as she herself routinely exercises.

Now the Governor’s office is trying to walk it back by “not confirming” which state Whitmer went to. Her father lives in Florida.

She visited her father who, reportedly, is infirm.

There really is no way to dig yourself out of this story. Take your ‘L’, Witmer. Put it with all the other losses you’ve racked up. At least your losses don’t result in taking a trip to a funeral home.

Unless, of course, you count how those same losses have affected the citizens in your state who had loved ones in nursing homes or retirement living. Then you give Cuomo a run for his money. For similar reasons.

And yet, somehow, ‘evil’ Florida didn’t have that same issue with retirement homes.

It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, covered in chocolate sauce. (Or something like that.)