If You Thought The Oscars Were Cringe-Worthy… Wait Till You See The ‘Fauci Awards’

Written by Wes Walker on April 27, 2021

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As if our media hadn’t gone far enough in abandoning their role of ‘watchdog’ to become, instead the devoted lap dog, or even guard dog of the preening establishment, they’ve outdone themselves.

Fauci, who is more the face and avatar of a colossal government bureaucracy than someone who actually moves the needle in getting things done is a media darling.

They love him, not as a person, or for what he does, but as a living embodiment of their preferred definition of the abstraction of ‘science’. Not in the most authentic definition of the phrase, in which we have data that helps leaders make wise choices balancing risk and reward.

This definition of science goes beyond data and compels specific action, which, of course, takes it beyond science (which just gives you unbiased data) and into the realm of interpretation (which requires applying human decision making through one of many potential lenses of values, priorities and special interests).

A subset of our society loves authorities in labcoats (4 out of 5 dentists prefer Trident!), because it removes the responsibility of thinking for yourself. You simply defer to the wisdom of your betters, and hope they are honest brokers, and not influenced by power, lobbying, financial kickbacks, peer pressure, job security, or any of a thousand other ways that professionals can be corrupted.

Here we have the NYTimes Op Ed section spending (presumably) some big dollars on a green-screen production of the Fauci Awards.

This is a direct swipe at anyone who dares to question the Public Health narrative.

They pick health professionals who have retired, quit, or been asked to resign. There is an obvious political bias on the people they have chosen.

The presenter feigns an ‘outrage’ against those who dare to speak critically of such important members of our society who have so thanklessly helped us through the pandemic, and yet… are retiring in shocking numbers… at least 60 such officials are no longer working.

We can’t help but notice a COVID hero category that is glaringly missing… one that shows the depth of their own petty biases.

They were a group who had been highly honored during those first days of the great panic.

NYPD honors 46 members who died of COVID-19 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

That’s right… the police.

But suddenly, it became politically expedient to forget all the good they had done, all of the public goodwill they had generated in accepting risk while keeping the rest of us safe. Like the flick of a switch, this same media jumped blindly from celebrating our COVID heroes, to demonizing cops, from downplaying the firebombing of OCCUPIED police vehicles, to organizing bail for criminal protesters.

Maybe his hand-wringing concern for THESE COVID heroes will show up in a follow-up episode in which he addresses the bottom falling out of the police force, with record-setting retirements, reassignment requests, or simple resignations.

Maybe he will have similar concerns for the effects of this massive loss of experience and leaders on police forces in every major city in the past year as he does for the West Nile disease.


Because the faux-science of Fauci fits the preferred narrative of who is allowed to be painted as ‘heroic’… and big-city policing does not.

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