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LeBron James Has ‘Dumb Jock Privilege’

Twitter did nothing after the NBA superstar posted a threatening tweet that included an identifying photo of the police officer that fired the shots that killed Ma’Khai Bryant.

Meanwhile, the 45th President of the United States was permanently suspended for less audacious tweets.

On Wednesday, LeBron James posted a photo of the officer that fired the shots in an officer-involved incident in Columbus, Ohio that killed 16-year old Ma’Khai Bryant.

While it’s absolutely tragic that a 16-year old girl is dead, it’s important to note that Bryant had just shoved one girl down and had attacked another girl and was raising a knife while pinning her against a car when the officer opened fire. If he hadn’t acted, the other girl could have been killed or at the very least, seriously injured.

Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet that he posted to his 50 million Twitter followers. ClashDaily has covered the face of the officer, but LeBron did not. He put it out there for everyone to see with the caption, “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” and an hourglass emoji.

The tweet remained on the platform for a couple of hours and garnered over 40,000 likes before he was shamed into taking it down.

Presumably, LeBron was outraged because he’s bought into the Black Lives Matter narrative that police officers are looking for opportunities to kill black people in America. He’s said as much after the truly awful killing of Ahmaud Arbery which did seem to be racially motivated.

Apparently, to LeBron, the incident in Columbus wasn’t a police officer protecting the life of a black girl being threatened with a knife-wielding assailant — who also happened to be black — this was just another case of a white cop “literally hunting” a black person when she stepped foot outside her home. The circumstances surrounding it are irrelevant to him, it seems.

I’ll give LeBron the benefit of the doubt (which previous inflammatory comments show that he doesn’t really deserve,) and presume that he was simply calling for the prosecution of the police officer, but it could easily have been taken as a threat. Or, more cynically, it was intended as one. He literally posted a photo of a police officer and wrote, “YOU’RE NEXT” — how did he think the aggressive anti-police activists would take it?

That’s what happens when dumb people tweet dumb things and don’t think of the consequences.

LeBron keeps doing this kind of thing, though.

He tries to “use his platform” as a superstar athlete to “raise awareness” of causes that he holds dear, including pushing the not-founded-in-reality narrative of radical Black Lives Matter activists.

Yet, he doesn’t afford the same courtesy to others in a similar position if it could hurt his bottom line.

Do you remember how he spoke out about Daryl Morey’s tweets supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong?

He said that freedom of speech “has ramifications for the negative” especially when you’re “not thinking about others and only think about yourself.” He said that Morey “was not educated on the situation at hand” and because he spoke out against the Chinese Communist oppression of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, “so many people could have been harmed financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.” Then he said “just be careful what we tweet, what we say, and what we do” because even though we have freedom of speech, “there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too.”

LeBron didn’t like it that Morey tweeted something that the Chinese Communist Party didn’t like because it could have hurt his financial interests, but he didn’t seem to think twice about posting the photo of a police officer despite the anti-law enforcement sentiment prevalent in the country. Two deputies in L.A. County — where LeBron plays ball — were ambushed and shot in a completely unprovoked attack just a few months ago. It’s incredibly irresponsible.

And yet, Twitter did nothing for the entire time that the tweet was up. They didn’t issue a statement, suspend LeBron — temporary or otherwise — or even censor or flag the clearly dangerous tweet. He got a free pass. This is partly because law enforcement officers are not a protected class under Twitter’s glorification of violence policy, which is what they cited when they permanently banned Donald Trump. 

After he deleted it, he followed up with a couple of other tweets where he expressed his anger over what happened to “that lil girl” and that he’s “tired of seeing Black people killed by police.” He says that it isn’t about “one officer” but “the entire system.”

The stats just don’t back him up, however. 

If only LeBron was tired of seeing the black people killed in Chicago every weekend and used his platform to speak out against that — you might actually see some change in those numbers.

There is zero evidence that this shooting had anything whatsoever to do with race. It literally had everything to do with the knife in that girl’s hand.

This is what happened immediately before the officer opened fire. The male in the hoodie had just kicked another girl that Bryant had knocked to the ground. Bryant then charged at a different girl wearing pink and pinned her against a car raising the knife in a threatening manner.

But all LeBron saw was the skin color of Bryant and that the person that shot her was a cop. That was enough for him.

LeBron wants more “accountability” for the police but not for himself. He posted something dangerous and he did not apologize. Instead, he doubled down and said that it was being “used to create more hate.”

There will be no accountability for LeBron because the left will circle the wagons and protect him at all costs because he’s a celebrity and one of “them.” It doesn’t matter if he’s not so bright and puts a police officer’s life in danger while activists think it’s ok to round up and enact “street justice” on white people.

What privilege. The rest of us are held accountable for our words. Our sites get demonetized, we get called -ists and -phobes, get kicked off of social media platforms, and are told by “fact-checkers” that we’re spreading “dangerous and derogatory” information if we dare disagree with the Leftwing Orthodoxy.

But LeBron? Well, he gets a pass because people like the way he puts a ball into a net. That’s Dumb Jock Privilege.

K. Walker

ClashDaily's Associate Editor since August 2016. Self-described political junkie, anti-Third Wave Feminist, and a nightmare to the 'intersectional' crowd. Mrs. Walker has taken a stand against 'white privilege' education in public schools. She's also an amateur Playwright, former Drama teacher, and staunch defender of the Oxford comma. Follow her humble musings on Twitter: @TheMrsKnowItAll and on Gettr @KarenWalker

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