MSNBC Host Joy Reid Says Anyone Who Doesn’t Trust What Fauci Says Is A ‘Paranoiac’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 17, 2021

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Reid has this exactly backward.

The latest Blue-Anon conspiracy theory is that it is irrational for people to question the need for masks after being fully vaccinated.

In a segment fangirling Saint Fauci, Joy Reid says that anyone who is questioning the point of being vaccinated when nothing changes is a “paranoiac.” She then trots out some conspiracy theories about microchips in the vaccines and Bill Gates, but doesn’t address the elephant in the room; the (apparently controversial) point made very clear by Tucker Carlson last week — if the vaccines are effective, why can’t we live like they’re effective? Why is Dr. Fauci still wearing two masks in public after being fully vaccinated? Why is Joy Reid doing the same thing?

She says that “paranoiacs” have made the pandemic political and that there is “irrational resistance” to doing the basics like vaccinations, wearing masks, and (presumably) wearing masks after vaccination.

Saint Fauci, Peace Be Upon Him, largely agrees with this absolute nutter.

The thing is, they have the situation completely backward.

To be fair to Fauci and Reid — which is a courtesy Reid doesn’t give ever give to the right — the argument is that there is still a small risk of COVID until we reach herd immunity.

Here’s the thing, though, millions of Americans have already been infected with the virus and have natural immunity. Are those being counted, or are we only counting the people who have been vaccinated in our goal of reaching herd immunity? None of our “medical experts” is saying anything about that.

This is related to the exchange between Saint Fauci, Peace Be Upon Him, and Rep. Jim Jordan the other day.

Americans want to know the goal to shoot for. How hard is this to understand?

It’s because Saint Fauci, P.B.U.H., has a standard modus operandi and it looks like this:

Hey, Joy & Fauci — What is the purpose of a vaccine?

The answer is: To prevent the vaccinated individual from contracting the illness.

It is true that the vaccine does take up to 2 weeks to reach maximum efficacy after the second dose, but it still provides better than 50% efficacy even after one dose. But in the clip, Reid admits that she’s been double-vaxxed with the Pfizer jab, which is 95% effective. It’s also important to note that Joy is signaling on television that she’s one of the Vaccinated Elites on “Team Pfizer”.

Riddle me this, Joy, why does a person who has a 5% chance of contracting COVID have to continue to wear two masks long after being vaccinated?

Are people looking for a 0% chance of COVID? That’s completely irrational for an airborne virus that is in literally every country on the globe. There are plenty of #ZeroCOVID crazies out there pointing to places like Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia that have eliminated COVID because of incredibly harsh restrictions on individual liberties, international travel, and mandatory quarantines. Also, they are islands and still have occasional outbreaks.

The people who are fully vaccinated and wearing two masks everywhere are the real paranoiacs if they’re walking around terrified of a 5% chance of contracting the virus. This is the primary thing that is driving vaccine hesitancy.

If the vaccine, which was promised to bring us all back to what life was like in 2019…doesn’t actually allow you to stop slapping the dirty piece of cloth on your face, then what’s the point?

Besides, even if they were significantly effective at preventing the spread, people don’t wear masks properly.

How many of these have you seen from the “experts” that tell you to mask up?

The only one I haven’t personally seen is the forehead one.

How much more protection is a mask going to give you above 95% efficacy?! And if it’s to prevent you from spreading COVID, then you only have a 5% chance of having COVID and being asymptomatic, which Brownstone Research shows that there are questions on whether asymptomatic spread of COVID is a real phenomenon.

But Joy Reid proudly wears two masks after being fully vaccinated and says that she will for “the foreseeable future.”

Drew Holden, known for his epic Twitter threads, got it exactly right, and coined a new phrase, to boot.

He said that if people want to stay inside after being vaccinated, that’s their business, but it’s not normal to create a class of post-pandemic “social incels”. Spot on, Drew, spot on.

The issue here is whether we are able to assess risk for ourselves or not…even after being vaccinated.

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