SAY HER NAME? Breonna Taylor’s Mom Rages At Activist Left’s ‘Fraud’ And ‘Exploitation’ Of Daughter

Written by Wes Walker on April 19, 2021

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Like clockwork, groups on the left, given enough time, will eventually turn on each other. And the reason should be obvious to anyone paying attention.

When you have a movement built on division, grievance, and finger-pointing, rather than principles, unity, and cooperation, the fractures will eventually form.

The supposed rallying of BLM and similar groups is a false unity, it creates a common enemy (it makes no difference whether it is real or imagined), and whips up emotion in opposition to that common enemy.

But a common enemy is not enough, without a common cause.

That dynamic becomes evident in this disconnect between the family of Breonna Taylor’s mom and the BLM activist who have been chanting ‘say her name’ without much actual interest in the family left behind by the woman whose name they are saying.

Leaving aside the actual events surrounding her death, the evidence that has come out showing that the police DID announce themselves and that police were fired upon by the boyfriend first, the loss of Breyonna’s life was a devastating blow to her family and one for which family members would be expected to have a range of emotions, including anger.

In America, citizens have a right to express such anger and, when they believe changes must be implemented, the right to organize and petition their governments — peaceably.

Tamika Palmer, the mother of the late Breonna Taylor who was gunned down during an alleged no-knock raid by police last year, said in a Facebook post this week that she has “watched [people] raise money on behalf of Breonna’s family who has never done a damn thing for us” and that she “could walk in a room full of people who claim to be here for Breonna’s family who don’t even know who I am.”

“I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud,” she said, also accusing Kentucky Rep. Attica Scott of being a “fraud.”

“It’s amazing how many people have lost focus,” she wrote. —JustTheNews

Money and political power are two sides of the same coin.

To have more of one is to have access to the other — which explains many of the problems we have seen in the swamp, and the growing influence of ‘philanthropist’ billionaires in US politics, generally benefitting parties on the Left, who are often happy to make that exchange.

Should it surprise us then, with BLM suddenly awash with money, that so many stories about the misuse of that money (see: the Black Lives Mansions stories), of local chapters being shut out of that money, or (in this case) using the names shouted at rallies to fundraise for objectives that have nothing to do with the family or priorities of Breonna Taylor?

Probably not.