WATCH: Spirit Airlines Kicks Off Family Because 2 Yr Old Wasn’t Wearing A Mask While Eating

Written by K. Walker on April 6, 2021

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We’ll give you the claim and the counter-claim, and leave you to decide whose side of the story you believe.

But this writer has seen enough of the rabidly-devout demands for enforcement of mask compliance even in cases where it is entirely unnecessary that at minimum, the family’s claim of being unfairly targeted seems at the very least plausible.

In fact, we can’t help but notice the similarity in this story to a recent Warriors and Wildmen episode where Pastor Rich related a very similar experience he had with someone on an airline going out of their way to antagonize Rich and his wife as they were boarding a flight to Seattle. This Airline Has Morphed into a Bunch of Mask Nazis

Here’s what happened.

A Jewish family was boarding a Sprit Airlines flight from Orlando to New York. That family included the father, a mother (7 months pregnant), a toddler who had just turned two, and a young son with special needs.

This is where the video begins.

The airline alleges that the issue that led to everyone deplaning began earlier prior to this clip.

The flight attendant that booted them off was (allegedly) removed from the flight.

The father expressed his belief that the flight attendant that started it all had been removed from the flight as everyone proceeded along their journey.

The female flight attendant addressed the family on behalf of the male steward who didn’t want them on the plane.

The child’s mother, who is seven months pregnant, and father immediately asked the steward why they were being kicked off the flight.

‘I’m sorry. They want you off,’ the flight attendant tells the family, adding that they were ‘noncompliant with the masks’.

The girl’s parents responded that they have been wearing their masks when the attendant pointed to their daughter and said: ‘She’s not wearing one.’

Other passengers sitting nearby immediately pointed out to the flight attendant that there were other babies not wearing masks. They also pointed to the fact that the little girl was eating yogurt while waiting for takeoff.

The flight attendant says ‘it’s not my choice’ as the girl’s dad argues that they also have their ‘special needs’ son with them. The steward then walks away and says she’s going to call the police onboard. –DailyMail

Seems a little gutless for the decision-maker to send someone else to deliver the news, but that’s a separate issue.

The Blaze followed up on this story with Spirit Airlines, getting the following reply:

But Spirit Airlines says there are a lot of untruths being reported about the incident.

A spokesman for the airline told TheBlaze:

I want to emphasize that this was not about a two-year-old. Social media videos only captured a small part of what happened today. This flight was delayed because of the behavior of adults, which happened prior to any videos. There is also no truth to claims that police became involved with or removed a flight attendant. Orlando police have stated publicly that, though present at the gate, they did not take an active role in this situation.
Spirit Airlines said in its official statement:

We’re aware of incorrect information circulating about Spirit Airlines Flight 138 from Orlando to Atlantic City. The flight was delayed due to adults who did not comply with the federal mask requirement. We allowed the Guests to continue on the flight to their destination after assurances of compliance. —TheBlaze

Whose account of these events do you believe?

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