Amazon Prime Documentary Features BluAnon Russiagate Hoaxer Hillary Clinton To ‘Debunk’ Conspiracy Theories

Written by K. Walker on May 23, 2021

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The woman who believed that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against Bill is apparently going to set people straight on how to separate fact from fiction.

She’s just never going to fade away into the shadows, is she?

Every time you think that maybe Hillary Clinton has slipped into irrelevancy where she belongs, she keeps trying to get back into the limelight and pretend to be relevant.

From the Hulu documentary to her podcast, Hillary is determined to have her screechy voice heard.

Amazon Prime is airing a docuseries called “Debunking Borat” which is an attempt to “debunk” the conspiracy theories spouted by two ordinary guys, Jim and Jerry, who had spent several days in quarantine with Sacha Baron Cohen in his Borat sequel, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” released in 2020.

The filmmakers meet up with Jim and Jerry and bring in experts to “debunk” their conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and that the coronavirus was “manufactured in China.”

“Debunking Borat” is a six-part documentary short special featuring Borat’s two roommates, and each episode focuses on a different idea that they shared with Baron Cohen during the course of the film. Among the conspiracies they hope to debunk are whether the vaccine includes a microchip, whether mail-in ballots were a scam, whether the coronavirus was manufactured in China, whatever is going on with Bill Gates and George Soros, and most of all the Clintons.

Baron Cohen has said on numerous occasions that he got to know Jim and Jerry well over the five days that he remained quarantined with them, and though they’re friendly people, he observed how they’ve been led down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories spread through social media. The new special aims to bring them back to reality.

Source: The Wrap

The show is a six-part series that will debut on May 25.

Here’s the promo video:

HBO recently did a series on Q-Anon, but notice how the leftwing

What’s absolutely hilarious about this new Amazon Prime project, is not just that Saint Fauci isn’t ruling out that COVID spread because of a lab leak in Wuhan anymore, but that Hillary Clinton is going to help people recognize truth from conspiracy.

For years this woman has insisted that the 2016 election was stolen and Trump had “colluded” with Russia to do it. Did she have proof? Nope. As a matter of fact, it appears as though the entire “Russian Collusion” conspiracy theory was cooked up by the Hillary campaign to distract from her email scandal.

She was everywhere telling everyone and their dog that she didn’t win because of Trump working with Putin.

She wrote a book blaming everyone but herself for her loss.

And she’s still pushing conspiracy theories. She suggests that he was talking to the Russian President during the January 6 riot in D.C. On her podcast, while speaking with Nancy Pelosi she said, “I would love to see his phone records to see whether he was talking to Putin the day that the insurgents invaded our Capitol.”

She can’t let go of Russiagate after all these years.

This is the person who is going to “debunk” fake news?

That. Is. Hilarious.

The Borat producers were trying to make a documentary, but they may have just made a dark comedy instead.

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