Bro Logs Into Virtual Courtroom Using Obscene Screen Name — That Was A Mistake (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2021

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Even before the guy’s video feed pops up in the Zoom call, you can see it’s going to go badly for him. Once his image came up, it only got worse.

Let this be an official reminder to our readers to double-check what your online screen name is, especially if you sometimes use an online alias, or if you share a computer with someone else.

You do NOT want the kind of situation we have here.

Some young bonehead logged onto a Zoom call with a judge. That’s no big deal by itself.

The big deal happened when he forgot to look at his screen name before logging on.

When his face and name popped up on the group call, it came up as ‘Buttf*cker 3000’ (without the asterisk blocking out a vowel).

St. Joseph District Court Judge Jeffrey Middleton presided while the man, Nathaniel Saxton, appeared over the Zoom conference on Tuesday on a count of possession of drug paraphernalia in the city of Three Rivers, Law & Crime reported.

After the exchange, Saxton, who previously worked at a horse trailer factory, blamed the screenname on his sister while the angry judge noted that he almost had him put in jail for contempt of court.

‘Then we’ll bring this fool in,’ the judge says at the start of the court appearance.

The ‘Buttf**ker 3000’ name is seen on the screen as Saxton peers into his video chat box, the video shows. —DailyMail

Saxton went red with embarrassment while he scrambled to fix his screen name.

Eventually, Saxton makes his reappearance as ‘Nathaniel Saxaon’ – misspelling his own name in the Zoom room.

‘Your honor, if I may explain, my sister was the one who set up my Zoom account or whatever,’ Saxton says, noting that it was an inside joke.

He adds: ‘It’s not what you think, I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry.’

The judge then proceeds to hear a few of the cases before returning once more to Saxton’s.

… The judge then slapped him with the $200 fine for taking ‘responsibility’ for the syringe before asking him if his sister was with him.

‘No, unfortunately, she is not,’ Saxton responds.

‘Tell her she almost got you put in jail for contempt of court,’ the judge says. —DailyMail