EPIC: Local Kids Show Mad Respect For Rookie Sports Hero’s Big ‘First’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 11, 2021

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When so many sports are getting swept away by big egos and bad politics, here is a moment that brings us back to what brought us together around sports in the first place.

In hockey, scoring three goals in a game is a big deal. As hockey accomplishments go, it’s tough to pull off.

That’s why, for generations, there has been a tradition for fans to show their respect and appreciation by throwing their hats onto the ice by way of a salute when it does happen. ‘Hat trick’, is what scoring three goals has come to be called.

When you have a stadium full of people, throwing scores of hats onto the ice, it’s a pretty dramatic sight.

Of course, playing in an empty stadium makes it hard for the fans to show that respect. You can’t exactly throw a hat on the ice while watching the game from your couch. And in Canada, where there was no Project Warp Speed, they are way behind the curve on both vaccinations and reopenings. Sports teams play on, but they do it in empty stadiums.

So how can a community, excited about a young team coming out of a few tough ‘rebuild’ years show respect for a rookie’s first hat trick at the pro level, especially when he’s one of the rising stars?

Well, they have to get creative.

That is exactly what some neighborhood children did after Tim Stüzle’s first hat trick for the Ottawa Senators. If the fans can’t cheer him at the rink… they’ll cheer him in his back yard.

This is exactly the kind of community spirit that sports were SUPPOSED to build and foster in us. It isn’t supposed to be about Left or Right, or pet political causes, it’s supposed to be united support for the home team against all comers.

And for one brief shining moment, for the kids in this video… sports had the pure delight and joy it was designed for.

Maybe the leagues can take a break from their politicking and find their way back to that?

Hockey hasn’t been immune to the push to wokeness but it’s been a lot more resilient than the other pro-ball leagues.

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