Here’s WHY Your Daughter Needs To Be A Black Belt

Written by Wes Walker on May 13, 2021

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No parent should ever have to get this call from the police, let alone, the parent of a 13yo girl.

The guy charged with her murder? He is 14 years old.

While he was in the squad car, but before the young Floridian girl had been located, the accused posted the following picture:

Note the caption at the bottom, a taunt.

They later found Tristyn Bailey’s body. Authorities refused to say how many times she had been stabbed, other than to say it was ‘horrific’.

The teen didn’t seem at all bothered by the charges he was facing if this pose is any indication.

‘I know it looks egregious with him making those statements in that car, but that is now evidence that we gather and use against him.

‘So that just makes our case a better case to present to the State Attorney’s office and to present to a jury down the road saying this was his mindset.

‘This is what he’s doing, was he’s proud of what he did. So, you know, this is going to help our case and make it stronger to, you know, his intentions,’ St. Johns County Sheriff Robert Hardwick said in an interview on Tuesday with local outlet WOKV before Fucci’s first court appearance.

…The teenager appeared in a black jail sweatshirt. He looked relaxed throughout the hearing and put both of his hands behind his head at one point.

Here are some photos to personalize her story, lest she be thought of as just another statistic we read about in the news.

There will never be marches, or rallies, or say her name t-shirts to remind us that she never lived to see her 14th birthday.

But her story — just like all the other forgotten ‘statistics’ drowned in endless big-city police reports — was just as tragic a loss of life as any other.

A daughter that never came home.

We never know where the danger will come from, or who it will target. But let’s do what we can to make our kids (especially our daughters) a dangerous target to prey upon.

Teach them self-defense — and do it early.

But even more than the physical preparedness for dangerous situations is the mental toughness to turn the odds in their favor when they handle danger. That’s where this book comes in.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-
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