LEBRON: Regrets His ‘You’re Next’ Tweet … But STILL Pushes His Anti-Cop Narrative

Written by Wes Walker on May 5, 2021

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There are two kinds of apologies. One kind of apology recognizes that you’ve been wrong, and want to make it right. The other kind pushes an agenda.

Let’s have a look at Lebron’s ‘apology’ for his ‘You’re Next’.

For anyone who missed it, that tweet came out after a cop showed up in response to the 911 call and was met with a flurry of activity which included one person who screamed a violent threat before raising a kitchen knife above her head while the girl in pink was helplessly backed up against the hood of a car.

Within 12 seconds of the bodycam footage starting, the video took us from the ‘what seems to be the problem stage’ to ‘drop the knife’ stage to the decision of whether lethal force is needed to save the life of the girl in pink.

The cop fired four rounds, most likely saving her life. Medical aid was given after the threat had passed, the life of her attacker could not be similarly saved.

Lebron used his significant Twitter following to identify the police officer who fired the shots, with the caption ‘you’re next’ on it.

Many of us considered that tweet a potentially dangerous incitement of violence.

Lebron has since backtracked and expressed regret for that tweet.

Was it because he recognized that the life of the black girl in pink was ALSO worth saving, and that the cop was faced with an impossible choice?

Of course not. Law enforcement (so long as they don’t work for the Chinese Communist Party) are always the bad guys in his narrative.

Lebron isn’t interested in the name of the hero cop, or the girl in pink who gets to live another day. He’s interested in the girl with the knife, and wants us all to ‘say her name’.

He loves to single out lives that can be exploited to carry that message. He wants us all to remember the name of the girl with the knife.

We can’t help but notice whose names this pro athlete from Los Angeles has NOT been encouraging us to learn and say.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, homicides are up 25.8% in 2021 compared to 2020. From January 1 to May 3 of 2021, there have been 117 homicides compared to 93 during the same time period in 2020. However, the number of shooting victim cases is up 70.1%. From January 1 to May 2 of 2021, there were 478 shooting victim cases compared to 281 during the same time period in 2020. —FOXLA

That’s the city he’s calling home right now, whose jersey he’s sporting. If he’s the influencer he claims to be, how about he focus some of that energy on the hundreds of murder victims in his own city.

The less violent crime any neighborhood sees, the lower the likelihood of violent confrontation between citizen and cop.

He could use his power as an ‘influencer’ to stigmatize criminal behavior instead of stigmatizing the police and increasing the likelihood of resisting arrest and all the risks that go along with that… but don’t hold your breath.

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