Religious Leaders Send Open Letter Calling Officials To Reject Controversial Election Machine Corp.

Written by Wes Walker on May 4, 2021

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Election security matters. When there are doubts about the ability of an election machine company to ensure that security, citizens have the right to petition their government about it.

This is exactly what a number of religious leaders have done.

We all remember the election season last year. It was bad enough watching snafus during the primaries that nobody seemed too worried about fixing.

But there were a series of important allegations about the process involving the machines themselves – including allegations that they were connected to the internet, despite claims they were not.

In the Georgia runoffs, for example, a white hat hacker claimed to have accessed the voting machines in real time while voting was live, and alleged he had the ability to add or delete files as he wished.

For that reason, among others, clergy in Ohio have joined together in petitioning their elected officials to exclude Dominion voting machines from the election process in upcoming elections.

(Copy of the full letter can be viewed here.)

The letter is no half-cocked rant, there are specific concerns, footnotes and citations throughout.

“An honest and secure election process is vital for civic participation,” explains the letter signed by 72 members of the clergy in Richland County. “Proverbs 22:1 says, ‘A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.’ As local clergy, we believe the following claims by the election machine vendor and its recent conduct raise serious red flags. This tarnished reputation casts doubt over whether this vendor can be a good-faith partner for future elections.”

The letter notes that Dominion Voter Systems claims its systems do not rely on internet connectivity, but “this statement appears to be false.”

…”Of specific interest to Richland County, the state of Texas denied certification of the vendor in question’s Image Cast X 5.5 ballot marking device due to concerns over its vulnerability to fraudulent and unauthorized manipulation.”

… “The vendor in question’s own Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security made multiple social posts prior to the 2020 presidential election assuring that this specific candidate would not win,” they wrote.

“Unfortunately, sincere questions about the voting system administrated by the election machine vendor have led to intimidation of eyewitnesses who provided sworn affidavits. Requests to have these voting machines forensically audited has also led to unmerciful litigation of individuals totaling billions of dollars; an action which the vendor in question boasts about on its own website,” they warned. —WND

These religious leaders question the motivation of Dominion voting’s lawsuits.

They view it as a bullying tactic and are concerned that it could have a chilling effect on any efforts to keep companies responsible for tabulating election results from being held to basic standards of transparency by the public.

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