Republicans Form ‘Unsilenced Majority’ To Go After Woke Inc.

Written by Wes Walker on May 20, 2021

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It’s a common mistake, but always a strategic blunder to prepare for tomorrow’s conflict using yesterday’s tactics. Our culture war is no different.

Biden claims we are in a battle for the ‘soul of the nation’. This is both an appalling lie, and absolutely true. The old guy pretending he stands, in any way, in the defense of anything upon which America is built is the part built on a lie. If anyone is gutting the nation of its soul, it’s the guy pushing Marxist ideology to drive arbitrary ideological wedges between people who would otherwise get along reasonably well.

But so far as defining how high the stakes are, he’s right on the money.

Their side has been making big cultural gains because their tactics have evolved, while our sides have stayed pretty static.

Back in the boom times of the 80s, conservatives exercised their political influence by way of a political voting block loosely described as the ‘silent majority’.

Yes, there are political extremists and agitators, they would argue, but most Americans are reasonable and good.

The other side, meanwhile was motived by the believe that it was not reasonable people that changed the world, but the unreasonable, the loud, and the agitators.

If you’ve watched the news at all in the last few years, you can see which approach is pushing culture. Our side is finally waking up to that problem and is ready to start fighting fire with fire.

A group of Republicans operative has founded an organization called Unsilenced Majority to fight the left’s cancel culture by encouraging everyday Americans to boycott politicians and corporations that go ‘woke’.

The group is being spearheaded by Mike Davis, a former staffer for the Senate Judiciary Committee under Sen. Chuck Grassley, who says he’ll give liberals a ‘taste of their own medicine’ by subjecting them to the same rules they hold conservatives to.

He has also recruited Andy Surabian, a Steve Bannon associate who was an adviser to Donald Trump Jr., and Will Prior, who worked in the Department of Justice as a spokesperson during Trump’s presidency.

Their mission is to take on corporations that ‘go woke’ by encouraging every say Americans to boycott them and they list their core principles as free expression, corporate wokeism, worker firings and cancel culture in education.

They also plan to take on Silicon Valley and its censorship of voices tit disagrees with in the media and among individuals.

In their mission statement, they say on their website: ‘We strongly believe that corporate censorship, thought-policing and politically motivated blacklists and boycotts are having a corrosive effect on our country and will ultimately lead to a less free world.

‘We also believe that freedom of speech and diversity of thought are fundamental bedrocks of a free society and should always be protected and celebrated. —DailyMail

Check out the website here: Usilenced Majority.

What kind of issues will they be focused on?

Remember the firing of Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier for daring to call out CRT as Marxist? They’re going to fight for him.

They’re going to fight the left’s ideological curriculum in our school systems.

They will be taking on against Big Tech’s partisan censorship practices.

In a nutshell:

‘Cancel culture has become so pervasive that many Americans often find themselves self-censoring for fear of what might happen to them if they express an unpopular opinion or even express skepticism of a woke truism.

‘If the American citizenry cannot freely express itself without fear of retribution, the premise of our American democratic republic begins to crumble,’ the group says on its website. —DailyMail

After decades of seeing the ‘silent majority’ having that silence used against them, or being bullied and forced into silence by those who don’t like dissenters having the ability to speak freely, it’s time we finally find our voice… while we still can.

If Esther could take courage, taking a stand in thinking she was called ‘for such a time as this’, could we not follow her example?

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