WATCH: Portland Teachers Are Training Students To Be Revolutionaries

Written by Wes Walker on May 25, 2021

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It’s easy to think of those who recruit child soldiers as some of the worst people in the world. But what about when it happens here, on the taxpayer dime?

Tribal warlords abducting teenage boys from their rural communities and forcing them to fight for a cause are considered some of the most despicable war criminals in the world.

Criminal cartels recruiting impressionable teens to do their dirty work fill a similar space on the moral scale. Gangs intentionally target them while they are young enough to induct into an underworld culture, and still morally pliable enough to sear their consciences. Studies have even shown that youths in their middle teens can become desensitized to some of the most extreme violent acts… and then persuaded to perform them.

Seeing as that is such an impressionable age, shouldn’t we care about who has been teaching our children?

With EVERYTHING becoming political these days isn’t it even more critical that we have a grasp of any political movements being thrust on the next generation by the public school system?

Here is video from Laura Ingraham’s show talking about children in the city of Portland being explicitly indoctrinated into embracing a revolutionary mindset by their own teachers.

It opens with the kind of footage we saw all last summer featuring a man being chased in the street, tripping and hitting his head. While he is laying there, stunned or unconscious, someone else comes along and soccer-kicks him in the face. The person doing the kicking was only 14 years old. From there, Laura pivots to an interview with Christopher F. Rufo who has been reporting on these sorts of stories.

If you keep watching till the 2:40 mark, you will see actual video of a teacher attempting to draw elementary school-age children into their radical protesting agenda under the pretense of advocating ‘justice’.

Here is a small piece of the article that prompted the TV interview, speaking of what he has learned from whistleblowers and copies of documents from inside the school system.

Famously the “whitest city in America,” Portland has become the unlikely headquarters of race radicalism in the United States. The city has elevated white guilt into a civic religion; its citizens have developed rituals, devotions, and self-criticisms to fight “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.” The culminating expression of this orthodoxy is violence: street militias, calling themselves “antiracists” and “antifascists,” smash windows and torch the property of anyone transgressing the new moral law.

We might be tempted to dismiss this as the work of a few harmless radicals “keeping Portland weird,” but in recent years, their underlying ideology on race has become institutionalized. The city government has adopted a series of Five-Year Plans for “equity and inclusion,” shopkeepers have posted political slogans in their windows as a form of protection, and local schools have designed a program of political education for their students that borders on propaganda.

…The schools have self-consciously adopted the “pedagogy of the oppressed” as their theoretical orientation, activated it through a curriculum of critical race theory, and enforced it through the appointment of de facto political officers within individual schools, generally under the cover of “equity and social-justice” programming. In short, they have begun to replace education with activism.

The results are predictable. By perpetuating the narrative that America is fundamentally evil, steeping children in race theory, and lionizing the Portland rioters, they have consciously pushed students in the direction of race-based “revolution.” In the language of the Left, the political education programs in Portland-area districts constitute a “school-to-radicalism pipeline”: a training ground for child soldiers. This is not hyperbole: some of the most active and violent anarchist groups in Portland are run by teenagers, and dozens of minors were arrested during last year’s riots. These groups have taken up the mantle of climate change, anticapitalism, antifascism, and Black Lives Matter—whatever provides a pretext for violent “direct action.” — CityJournal

These views are reflected in their curriculum. You would need to see the original article to get the full sense of it, but here are some key ideas:

In the early stages, activities include “attending a training, joining an allies group, participating in a protest.” Later, white subjects are told to analyze their “covert white supremacy,” host “difficult conversations with white friends and family about racism,” and use their “privilege to support anti-racist work.” At the final stage, trainers plumb their subjects’ individual psyches to ensure that their “whiteness” has been banished. Subjects must answer a series of questions to demonstrate their commitment: “Does your solidarity make you lose sleep at night? Does your solidarity put you in danger? Does your solidarity cost you relationships? Does your solidarity make you suspicious of predominantly white institutions? Does your solidarity have room for Black rage?” — CityJournal

When they ask us why we reject their Critical Race Theory, and why we distrust their agenda . . . this is the reason.