WTF: Biden Team Taps Islamic Terror Apologists To Scrutinize Uncle Sam For ‘Extremists’

Written by Wes Walker on May 27, 2021

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The one guy in the room who didn’t want to pull the trigger against Bin Laden has made some sketchy choices in ‘vetting’ our military for ‘extremists’.

Hey Mattis. You were among a handful of useful idiots among top military brass that helped tilt public opinion against Trump. Care to comment on any of this?

Joe Biden doesn’t trust our own military to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. He thinks there are extremists in their midst that pose a threat to the country, extremists who need to be rooted out and kicked to the curb.

You can bet your bottom dollar that in his eyes, those ‘extremists’ are always going to be some white guy who voted Republican. Maybe he forgets how HE swore a similar oath to defend the Constitution, and that his own party is thick with Anti-Constitutional activists?

We have already reported on how is Pentagon is taking advice from the rabidly far-left radical group ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ on how to deal with ‘extremists’. You know, SPLC being such experts on extremism that they have target mainline Christian groups like ‘Focus On The Family’.

Here’s a hearing from March when even Democrats recognized this as a potential problem.

Even the committee chairman, Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), acknowledged conservatives’ fears on this issue. He asked Brooks to respond to these concerns.

“That’s the challenge we have when we go after extremism. You know, we … those of us on the Left, Democrats, tend to look at it and say if you’re part of white supremacist groups, the Ku Klux Klan, and all of that, that’s what we’re going after. And then on the other side, it’s like no, you’re just going after people who disagree with the liberal orthodoxy, Catholics, evangelical Christians, or whatever,” Smith said.

“How do you, when the Southern Poverty Law Center is going after extremism, how do you draw that distinction?” the chairman asked. –PJMedia

SPLC may be a seething mess of toxic, anti-American vitriol, but at least they stop (nominally) short of being defenders of terrorism. (That statement comes with an asterisk, of course. That statement depends on how you classify such activists groups as Antifa and BLM.)

It would be a lot worse if Biden’s people were using apologists of actual Jihadist terrorists to vet our troops for extremists, wouldn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t that be basically the same as using the Weather Underground to review police policy, or KGB plants to review our foreign policy during the Cold War?

Right. But Front Page Mag’s Daniel Greenfield has just turned up evidence that this is exactly what Biden’s people are doing. The original article goes into the full details but here’s the quick and dirty summary.

A foreign national (Pakistani) who was once working for an org whose leaders were caught ‘providing material support for Hamas’, and who fought fiercely for the prisoners in GITMO is among the people being chosen to ‘vet’ our military for ‘extremism’.

That doesn’t sound weird at all, does it? Wait, it gets better.

Another foreign national (from the same country) appears on Biden’s ‘list of partners‘ in combatting extremism. This one ‘co-wrote an article arguing against designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization’. And another article claiming laws forbidding Sharia law from superseding the law of the land are ‘Islamophobic’.

But wait, there’s more!

While Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had announced the CEWG group to counter supposed “extremism” in the military, the list of CEWG partners contains a lot of Muslim lawyers and activists. In addition to Shamsi, there’s fellow Pakistani ACLU activist: Manar Waheed.

The list includes Wael Alzayat in his role as the CEO of Emgage. The national co-chair and founding member of the Islamic group is Khurrum Wahid who has been described as one of the country’s most prominent terror lawyers and whose clients include an Al Qaeda operative who plotted to kill President George W. Bush and Sami al-Arian who was linked to Islamic Jihad.

Wahid had been placed on a terrorist watch list and Emgage, as counterterrorism researcher Joe Kaufman noted, “holds events at terror-linked mosques”: including one founded by al-Arian. — FrontPage

There are others, too. You’d have to see the original article to get the full scope — but you get the idea.

Did Biden make any Campaign promises to flip the military into nothing more than another limb of the Democrat Party? Of course not.