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YIKES: Here’s What These Little Tykes Learned About Jesus At Their Woke School (VIDEO)

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Get your money for the swear jar, folks. This one gets ugly fast.

Normally, when we hear ‘out of the mouth of babes’, we either mean that children have — in their innocence — stumbled onto an idea that’s pretty profound for someone their age to come up with, OR, that kids have — without malice — said something that seems absolutely hilarious in the context.

Exhibit A.

From this little clip, you just KNOW that someone (most likely daddy) does NOT like seeing that goat in their yard and has some visceral opinions on the topic.

It’s funny for a reason. The reason is that the kid hasn’t got a hot clue that ‘f***ing goat’ is anything other than the correct word for the animal in the yard outside.

The following exchange is another example of kids parroting what they’ve been told by adults. You get to hear a conversation between two little tykes who are sorting out what they believe about God. You get to see a lady’s reaction (mom perhaps?) in real-time as they try to work out the big questions in life. You can tell by the voices that these little ones are still very young.

It looks like it’s going to be an adorable conversation until it takes an astonishing turn, to which mom asks some follow-up questions. Their answers show just how much attention was given to the ‘instruction’ these kids were given on the topic.

Unlike the innocent mimicry of an adult cussing, this one is not funny, and the content a lot worse. It’s children spouting talking points they have been force-fed by adults in authority. We have a word for that: indoctrination.

This isn’t just ANY kind of indoctrination, either. This clip shows the RELIGIOUS indoctrination of children. Imagine the outrage if someone other than Jesus has been portrayed this way to the children. How would parents have reacted if they said such things about Mohammad, Buddha, or some other revered teacher/prophet?

But Jesus? It’s ok to talk that way about Him, right?

Anyone answering ‘yes’ to that question doesn’t know the first thing about Him.

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