BADASS: Student Blasts School Board For Creating Divisions By Focusing On Skin Color (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 23, 2021

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Are you worried you might be too young or insignificant to make a real difference… a real difference? Let the example of this bold young freshman stand as an encouragement to you.

As if a long year clouded by pandemic issues wasn’t enough misery for a young kid to deal with, activists in Minnesota have turned up the heat on racial divisions, not just among the adults, but among students in the public school system.

One young man is tired of it all, and he’s calling out the bad behavior of the so-called ‘responsible adults’ in the schools for their practices of whipping up racial tension where they did not previously exist, for pushing political dogma when they were supposed to be instructing students, and for creating what sounds like a generally hostile learning environment for this young student.

Brad Taylor has had enough. And he’s letting his voice be heard. More than that, though.

He’s taking action too…

Minnesota teen and ninth-grade student at Rosemount High School Brad Taylor went viral last week for his five-minute speech to the District 196 School Board speaking out against liberal indoctrination in the classroom.

…Alpha News spoke with Taylor, who said that his decision to leave Rosemount High School after this last year was because “it wasn’t a healthy environment for any student to be in” anymore. Since last week, Taylor and his mother, Tiffany Taylor, have received “lots of messages from other [District] 196 parents who are also concerned about their kids” and are seeking their consultation.

“The problem is these school districts are acting like some of us are guilty for just existing, and somehow inadvertently responsible for any injustice [and] from what I saw, it made all the kids who have been in RHS feel uncomfortable and tense,” Taylor told Alpha News, adding that his peers “are afraid to say or do the wrong thing” for fear of being labeled as an “intolerant racist.” –Source: Alpha News

He’s fed up with the hyper-partisan indoctrination system seen in the public schools, and he’s leaving the public system entirely. Be sure to keep watching for the full 5 minute speech because his closing comments are real mic-drop stuff.

That kid has all the makings of the stuff of legend… and he’s already making a difference as a High School Freshman.

If he can do it, there’s no stopping any of the rest of us.

Way to go Brad. Stand tall in a world of slouches.

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