Climate Agitators Blockade Entire White House … Is This An ‘Insurrection’ or Nah?

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2021

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It’s become fashionable to describe large-scale protests demanding specific government bodies to do act on the demands of the activists as ‘an insurrection’… so does this count? If not, why not?

When the first sentence was finalized with respect to the incident on January 6th, we all got to see the game Biden’s DOJ is intent on playing. Interfering with the normal functioning of government is to be treated as a serious offense.

Or is it? Keep the following event in mind for context as we move to what happened with the latest wave of climate activists descending on the White House.

An unarmed grandmother from Indiana on Wednesday was the first to be sentenced in connection to the January 6 Capitol breach after she pleaded guilty to one charge of parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

A judge sentenced Anna Morgan-Lloyd to three years of probation, $500 in restitution, and 40 hours of community service. Under the terms of her probation, the 49-year-old is also banned from owning a firearm.

Morgan-Lloyd did not participate in any violence and was only in the Capitol building for an estimated 10 minutes, according to court documents. The agreement helped her avoid a potential six months behind bars. —DailyWire

Did we treat the interruptions in the Kavanaugh hearings, and harassment of elected officials there with equal seriousness? We remember how Flake was intimidated while trapped in an elevator by an angry activist. So far as this writer can tell, it wasn’t taken seriously at all.

And now, the climate activists — tired of being shunted off to the side by the news of a viral pandemic — are demanding their turn to be noticed again.

Looks like someone decided to channel their inner AOC in response to that…

Are they going to be locked away in solitary like the Jan 6 crowd? Of course not.

Here they are, high-fiving, after being released the same day.

So what, exactly was all this fuss about?

Here is the description of the event, in their own words. (Minus their donation appeal.)

We Are Marching On the Whitehouse
Today we are showing up to the Whitehouse telling Biden that our future is not negotiable. Sunrisers from all across the country are delivering a clear message to President Biden: stop negotiating with the party of violent insurrectionists and make good on your promise to young people by fully funding the Civilian Climate Corps

The ‘Sunrise Movement’ has some demands in mind. They think they can bully the government into doing what they want — and why wouldn’t they? They’ve spent a year watching others do exactly that.

Right now, 500 young people are enroute to barricade all 10 entrances to the White House to demand you, President Joe Biden, act on your elected mandate of climate justice and only pass an American Jobs Plan that includes me

…We made some calls–and 500 people from every corner of the Sunrise Movement answered. We march together down Pennsylvania avenue, and sit outside your White House doors to make unquestionably clear: the American Jobs Plan sitting on your desk will include bold and transformative action against the climate crisis or your plan will not pass at all. I’m here today because your plan, after rounds of performative concessions to the Republican minority, worsens the crisis of climate and leaves the millions of Americans that elected you on the promise of good-paying jobs without secure employment or a liveable wage.

…500 of us sit at every entrance to the White House because this moment is bigger than the Congressional tug-of-war over the final version of the American Jobs Plan. At this moment, I and hundreds of other young people from across the climate movement are here to demand climate justice, and hold you accountable for your failure to uphold the basic pillars of climate justice.

Real climate justice is ambitious and transformative policy in the American Jobs plan–but it’s also shutting down the Willow Creek Project in Alaska, and Line 3 in Northern Minnesota. Climate justice is ending all new fossil fuel projects in the United States, and ending our support for the cause of the crisis in projects abroad. Climate justice is spending this decade ensuring clean air and drinkable water, safe homes and good jobs, across racial, class, and generational lines.

They want to shut down another pipeline, and some drilling in Alaska. They think they are helping ‘the environment’. But all they are really doing is shifting the profit for our necessary energy sector to foreign countries with inferior safety, employment, and environmental records than our own. Those other countries also happen to be far more authoritarian than America.

Who wins? They claim this will all lead to a cleaner planet. Seeing the results of so many other Left-wing promises, I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on that.

Wo wins for sure? A couple of billionaires (with names like Gates and Buffet) are major investors in North American railways. If safe and efficient pipelines are shut down, that same oil will still have to move, but it will move by rail and further enrich the billionaires who are funding these environmental programs.

What a quirky coincidence, eh? Almost spooky how that works out in their favor isn’t it?