Did Gov. Abbott Outmaneuver Democrats Trying To Obstruct Texas Election Security Bill?

Written by K. Walker on June 1, 2021

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Governor Abbott’s move comes hours after Texas Democrats left the House floor breaking quorum before the vote on the GOP-backed bill to protect election integrity.

Just before the midnight deadline on Sunday, Democrats prevented Republicans from passing an election reform bill that tightens up election law. Texas’s Senate Bill 7 had dozens of amendments and went through the legislative process, but Democrats didn’t want it passed, so they left the House floor knowing that they didn’t have enough votes to block the bill.

The Democrat stunt meant that the bill was killed and will be taken up in a special session.

Governor Abbott decided to pull a stunt of his own in response. He tweeted out that he will hold up funding of the legislative branch until they do their job.

Savvy move to hit them right in the wallet. The funding wouldn’t affect legislators directly too much, but it would cut funding to their staff.

On Monday, Governor Abbott had tweeted that the bail reform and election integrity bills were “emergency items” for this legislative session. “They still need to pass,” wrote Abbott.

While Republicans insist that the new bill is to shore up lax election law, Democrats insist that their “real” goal is to disenfranchise “black and brown” voters.

The law is considered “controversial” by the corporate media because it puts the state of Texas in control of elections rather than localities. It would be interesting to see if those same people were just as offended at the federal Democrats pushing HR-1 that would essentially make the federal government the overseer of elections rather than the state. The running of elections is the responsibility of each state and not the federal government.

The bill regulates voting hours, bans drive-thru voting, requires chain-of-custody for voting and signature verification, restricts the distribution of unsolicited ballots, sets new rules to purge voter rolls, requires recording of vote counting, and increases penalties for election workers that violate protocols.

This is a common stalemate in America — those on the right believe that we need to make the voting process more secure, and those on the left insist that any attempt to do so is “disenfranchisement.”

Polls show, however, that the majority of voters side with Republicans on voter I.D. by a large margin and don’t view the requirement as racist. Views on things like mail-in ballots and drive-thru voting are mixed.

People want to be able to trust the results of elections, and despite Democrat talking points, that means actually securing the process. Texas Democrats are out of touch with the public on this one.

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