If Racial Issues Are Paramount — How About Reports Of China’s Race-Selective Bio-Weapons?

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2021

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Reports suggest that China is starting down a road that Hitler could only dream of … shouldn’t that concern us?

Remember the investigation into COVID-19 origins that Biden’s team abruptly canceled before being shamed into reopening it with different people at the helm? The guy who spearheaded Trump’s investigation has unearthed some information that is both disturbing and damning.

David Asher, a top investigator who led the State Department’s investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, an investigation that the Biden administration shut down, said that what China wrote in its declaration to the United Nations “essentially laid out a road map of developments in biotechnology pertinent to the biological weapons convention that the Chinese indicated as particularly salient.”

“It wasn’t clear from their declaration whether this was for potential offensive use of synthetic biology and other techniques … but it certainly appears to lay out what they felt were going to be the drivers of a more potent offense in the future decade related to biotechnology,” he said. “This is probably the most disturbing thing to note that there could be a type of population-targeting or ethnic targeting using biology, according to the Chinese. That doesn’t mean they did it in the case of Covid-19 or anything else but it definitely implied that they were fully aware that this is feasible and possible.” — DailyWire

Reports submitted by official government sources in China, and addressing the UN which shed insight on the kinds of ideas that China’s CCP-funded research have been entertaining… this was how far thinking had already proceeded back in 2011.

Ideas like ‘population-targeting or ethnic-targeting use of biology’.

And Australian journalist Sharri Markson has been all over this story. Here she is explaining it on her news program in Australia.

In light of concerns raised that gain-of-function had potential bio-weapon implications, this is some really bad news. She sat down with Maria Bartiromo

Maria discussed that report with the Aussie Journalist that blew the lid off these documents.

Here are some of the many key phrases our readers might find interesting from the DailyWire’s summary…

…Theoretically speaking, synthetic biotechnology poses a huge latent threat to mankind, as it could be used in the future to create pathogens of even greater toxicity and infectiousness than those currently known, and which are resistant to traditional vaccines and drugs as well as hard to isolate and identify with present day technology.”

…But the same data can also be used to synthesize new pathogens and modify pathogen antigenicity, infection specificity, toxicity and resistance to drugs, causing traditional means of dealing with infectious disease to fail…

…can also create the potential for biological weapons based on genetic differences between races. Once hostile elements grasp that different ethnic groups harbor intrinsically different genetic susceptibilities to particular pathogens, they can put that knowledge into practice and create genetic weapons targeted at a racial group …

…Another way is by rendering traditional medicines and vaccines ineffective. Supergenes conferring resistance to antibiotics can be synthesized by DNA recombination technology, making pathogens highly drug-resistant. …evade recognition and attack by the immune system, rendering vaccines and medicines useless… — DailyWire

For an administration that has chosen race issues as its cornerstone, taking a hard stand on China for engineering bio-weapons that specifically exploit genetic ethnic vulnerabilities seems like a no-brainer decision.

Unfortunately for us, even the no-brainer decisions aren’t so easily addressed by the guy currently sitting behind the (ir)resolute desk.

Just look at his border policy. Yikes.

Just when the Frew World could use a strong leader standing up to the world’s totalitarian psychopaths, we find ourselves saddled with this obsequious clown.

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