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Make-A-Wish Foundation Resumes Granting Wishes To Sick Kids — But There’s A Catch (VIDEO)

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What’s not to like about an organization dedicated to helping kids with serious illness scratch an item off their ‘bucket list’? Nothing at all — except the strings that have just been attached.

We look forward to the visceral outrage over this issue from all the same people who stomped their feet and uttered the phrase ‘between a woman and her doctor’ any time a pro-lifer raises the issue of abortion.

Because the Make A Wish Foundation says they consulted the experts and came up with their new policy going forward. They are happy to go ahead with granting wishes again… so long as everyone involved — including the kid who is already battling some kind of a serious illness — has had their second shot of the vaccine.

It was only yesterday that ClashDaily published a story in which a doctor had been fired for warning the public that having children receive the COVID vaccine is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, and now a children’s charity is taking up a policy of ‘no shot, no service’.

[You can find that other story here: Surgeon FIRED By College Of Medicine For Speaking Out About COVID Vaccines For Children]

Richard Davis, President and CEO of Make a Wish made the announcement in a video. Doesn’t he seem pleased with that announcement?

He has been so very focused on ‘your family’s health and safety’ over this past year, and based on all the collective guidance of the various agencies who nodded like bobbleheads wildly assenting to each and every one of Little Lord Fauci’s self-serving missteps in the past year and a half, they have made a policy shift, effective September 15th.

If it involves air travel within the US or American territories or gatherings in a large group, they will be happy to oblige. With certain strings attached.

All Wish participants, including your Wish kid and any siblings will need to be 2 weeks post-completion of either a one-dose or two-dose vaccine. While we don’t ask for proof of vaccination, we’ll as for any adult participant to sign a letter of understanding that certifies that they and any minors participating in the Wish are vaccinated and understand the risks of traveling at this time.

We understand that this change affects many families whose children aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet and also know that there are families who aren’t ready to get the vaccine, and we respect everyone’s freedom of choice.

This decision was made in keeping with our long-standing policy to allow medical professionals to ensure that the wishes we grant are considered safe and appropriate given the Wish kids are some of the most vulnerable among us.

Granting wishes that involved domestic travel and large gatherings, which include theme parks, represent the start of our long-awaited return to normal.

However, Cruise and international wishes will not be granted for a significant period of time.

How ironic that the risks that travel might pose to someone were specifically addressed, but the risks of giving a vaccine that has only provisional ’emergency approval’ with little-to-no understanding about the long-term consequences on younger populations who have not been a statistically significant mortality figure in this pandemic might have from receiving this vaccine.

We are just now learning about heart issues that have been showing up, especially among young men. We know that the proteins do not remain inert in the muscle tissue, as we were told, but that they have been found to collect in different parts of the body, including bone marrow and ovaries. We have absolutely no idea what impact this vaccine will have on puberty, and some conventional and fully-approved medications are explicitly prohibited for use on children for such reasons.

Neither does the Make-A-Wish Foundation seem to make allowances for anyone who has natural immunity to the illness due to having survived their first brush with it.

What are your thoughts about their latest ‘health and safety’ policy?

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