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Scientific Journal Publishes Study Cataloguing Animals For Sale In Wuhan’s Wet Markets Pre-Pandemic

This pandemic is increasingly looking like China’s Chernobyl… and just like we saw with the Soviets in Chernobyl — experts have been stringing us along the whole time. Our own ‘experts’ were deeply involved in the deception.

We’re no lawyers, but some of us might wonder if that would make them ‘accessories after the fact’.

Some of us looked at the proximity of the pandemic’s ground zero, watched China’s mad scramble to silence whistleblowers, saw them eject foreign press, and deny fact-finders access to any of the original sources (to say nothing of the inconvenient witnesses who simply disappeared never to be seen again) and came to the reasonable conclusion that there was significant circumstantial evidence of a massive governmental cover-up project.

When voices like ours went on to cite knowledgeable people concerned that China’s government, and not the Wet Market was the likely source, we were denounced as ‘conspiracy theorists’ by the so-called ‘credible’ and ‘reliable’ media sources.

Our punishment for dissenting the official narrative was banishment from any social media reach, and blacklisting from ad revenue streams by tech titans like Google. (That’s why we deeply appreciate those of our readers who are not using ad blockers while reading our site.)

We were assured by ‘credible people’ that the wet market (read: China’s official talking point) was the likely source of the virus entering human population… despite significant compelling evidence to the contrary that we had access to even then.

Now that evidence of human engineering of the genome itself is coming to light, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology is no longer a taboo topic when contemplating the source, [ie: now that we can finally admit the Emporer has no clothes] narrative-busting evidence that had been parked for months is suddenly coming to light.

That evidence is damning.

It is damning to the official theory. It is damning to the people who vouched for the official theory. And it is damning for the ‘experts’ who sat on evidence thoroughly debunking the theory until long AFTER the election, the transition, and the establishment of Biden’s new Coronavirus narrative were well and truly cemented.

Remember those bats and pangolins from the wet market that were the ‘official source’ of all this havoc? They never actually existed.

And by ‘never existed’, we mean, that no wet market in Wuhan, at any point during the pre-pandemic period sold even a single Pangolin or bat. We know this because a study catalogued all of the animal species sold in those wet markets.

This isn’t some internet crank saying so… this is the Journal of Nature.

Rutgers University Professor Richard Ebright posted the link on Twitter with some helpful observations.

From the study:

Here we document 47,381 individuals from 38 species, including 31 protected species sold between May 2017 and November 2019 in Wuhan’s markets. We note that no pangolins (or bats) were traded, supporting reformed opinion that pangolins were not likely the spillover host at the source of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While we caution against the misattribution of COVID-19’s origins, the wild animals on sale in Wuhan suffered poor welfare and hygiene conditions and we detail a range of other zoonotic infections they can potentially vector. Nevertheless, in a precautionary response to COVID-19, China’s Ministries temporarily banned all wildlife trade on 26th Jan 2020 until the COVID-19 pandemic concludes, and permanently banned eating and trading terrestrial wild (non-livestock) animals for food on 24th Feb 2020. These interventions, intended to protect human health, redress previous trading and enforcement inconsistencies, and will have collateral benefits for global biodiversity conservation and animal welfare. [emphasis added]

…As an objective observer unconnected to law enforcement X.X. was granted unique and complete access to trading practices. On each visit, vendors were asked what species they had sold over the preceding month and in what numbers, along with the prices (US$1:RMB¥6.759) and origin of these goods (wild caught or captive bred/ farmed). Additionally, to substantiate interview data, the number of individuals available for sale at the time of each visit was noted, and animals were checked for gunshot wounds (from homemade firearms—gun ownership is strictly regulated in China12) or leg-hold (snap) trap injuries, indicative of wild capture. For 15 species (3 mammals and all 12 reptiles) sold by weight, vendors did not record the number of individuals sold. In these instances, we report numbers of individuals observed to be on sale during monthly visits. —Nature

Some might ask if the shop owners had simply omitted the bats and pangolins from their reporting. That’s a fair question, but it seems unlikely in light of this quote, discovered and highlighted by the blog Small Dead Animals:

Notably, vendors freely disclosed a variety of protected species on sale illegally in their shops, therefore they would not benefit from specifically concealing pangolin trade or the trade in any particular species, and so we are confident this list is complete

Stepping back from the facts themselves for a moment, I put on my editor’s hat and draw our readers’ attention to some big-picture ideas these facts would point us to.

We have been lied to by the very people who assured us that they were ‘scientists’ and that we could ‘trust them’ because they are the authorities. This by now is a certainty. It is only a question of degree and determination of which was malice and which was incompetence.

What so many of the TV talking heads seem to have forgotten along the way is that scientists, like every other profession (including, say, politicians or journalists) is comprised of people subject to the same passions, the same pressures of corruption and peer conformity, and the same complex interplay of incentives and disincentives to which any other group of people are subject.

In their process of deifying our ‘expert class’ and ‘The Science™’, we have abandoned all the useful tools of scientific inquiry and replaced them with the corrupted pseudo-religious power dynamics of Scientism.

It is the ‘ism’ in that word that makes all the difference. It elevated our experts to a pseudo priestly class who could not be questioned without the inevitable consequence of a questioner being branded a heretic and social outcast.

In today’s vernacular the terminology for heresy was: ‘conspiracy theorist’.

The lie came crashing down when it became obvious that time and again, those heretics and ‘conspiracy theorists’ had their ideas and theories proven true. Just like Copernicus and Galileo were proven right, even though their ideas contradicted every expert.

What is the net result of this corruption of our scientific process, and the political hijacking of our formerly trusted experts?

We have created a social fracture between one group that blindly accepts policies prescribed by political people who are taking their cue from unreliable (or openly dishonest) advisors, and the rest of us who (remaining faithful to the original spirit of scientific inquiry) have dared to challenge the official elite with the ‘dangerous’ Copernican questions of our own day.

We were all branded heretics for daring to challenge our ‘betters’ with pointed questions it came with a price, but one that eventually paid off.

In defending the freedom to ask these questions we have begun to peel away the bodyguard of lies that have been concealing the truth of this Pandemic’s real origins from us.

Now we find out if anyone has the courage to face the implications of what we’ve learned.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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