The Corporate Media Bootlickers LOVE White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 25, 2021

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The current White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is awful at her job, but the Partisan Presstitutes absolutely adore her.

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace gushed over Psaki telling her that she gets “high marks” from the “vast majority” of the White House Press Pool and then gave some advice on how to handle the tough reporters.

It was embarrassing considering how ineffective Psaki is as a Press Secretary.

Wallace was the White House Communications Director for former President George W. Bush.

WALLACE: Jen, I’ve walked in similar shoes as you walk in now — probably 23 1/2 hours a day. How do you feel like it’s going and you get such high marks from the vast majority of the people in that room. You spar a little bit with some of the President’s detractors, but I’m sure even privately, even they give you grudging respect. How do you feel like it’s going?

PSAKI: Look, I think that my role in there, Nicole — and you’ve walked in these shoes — so you know almost better than anyone, is to hopefully rebuild trust with the public. And that sounds like big and broad and hard to reach, but I think what that means is having that back and forth and engagement. And as you know, it’s the job of reporters and members of the media to push me and push us when we need to give more information when something doesn’t make sense. And that’s part of democracy working in my view, so there are some days when I leave the Briefing Room and I feel like, “Ugh, I wasn’t quite clear. I wish I would’ve said that differently.” But I hope at the end of this, the public or people who pay attention to the briefing will feel like I’ve provided information and I peeled back the curtain of what’s happening in government and help them think it was working for them. And I also hope that reporters, even when we spar, will think I treated them with respect, even when we have a back and forth. That’s a healthy part of this whole process.

WALLACE: Jen, I used to have some heated debates with reporters and they would yell at me and I would say, “When I walk back through those doors, I am the only one who cares if you get a call-back today.” So, stand your ground is my only advice to you.

PSAKI: There you go. So, I’m also not going to allow the Briefing Room to be a forum for propaganda or false information. So, there’s that. So, you stand your ground as often as you can, but hey, listen, it’s also a place where I have to answer tough questions and that’s what I signed up for.

WALLACE: Jen Psaki, it’s a pleasure to get to talk to you on a day with so much going on. Thank you for spending some time with us today.

Wallace has been known for her softball handling of those on the left. When Fauci’s emails were leaked, Wallace had him on her show but didn’t ask him a single question about them.

Then there was this exchange in March 2020 with Joe Biden:


But Wallace’s own bias aside, she’s right. The leftist hacks in the media adore Psaki.

Earlier this month, Psaki spoke to CNN’s resident potato, Brian Stelter, and he asked what the corporate media gets wrong about the Biden-Harris agenda and then asks her about her feelings. 

It’s unbelievable.

If the Corporate Media had the capacity for self-reflection, they’d probably realize that cheerleading for one side is probably a bad idea.

The healthy thing is to have a press that is accurate in reporting and hostile to whoever is in charge. We don’t have that. We have a press that speculated on the mental fitness of the former President while ignoring the shuffling, muttering current President who can’t string a complete sentence together without a script and is clearly in some sort of mental decline. It’s shameful.

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