WATCH: Candace O Makes Case That ‘Defund The Police’ Really Means ‘Federalizing’ Them

Written by Wes Walker on June 17, 2021

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After a more than a year of demonizing the police, and cutting their budgets, Mayor Lightfoot suddenly thinks she needs ‘help’ from the Feds. What’s REALLY going on here?

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the cause-and-effect of fewer cops enforcing the laws of a city leading to greater lawlessness in that same city. In Chicago, as in other cities, we are already seeing the fruit of those policies play out.

If police are so very ‘bad’, why is a Democrat Mayor calling for federal help? It hasn’t been so very long since we have seen the use of federal help in the enforcement of laws roundly denounced as proof positive of the authoritarian nature of Donald Trump.

The federal employees were called ‘Stormtroopers’ by elected Democrats — a not-very-subtle reference to the Nazi police state. What’s REALLY going on here?

Candace Owens, while a guest on Tucker’s show, made an observation about the left’s long game that lines up nicely with what we have been saying here on ClashDaily for some time now.

Long story short: Democrats WANT a federalized police force. Seeing how thoroughly they have corrupted other federal agencies to protect the Left and attack the Right, should this really surprise ANY of us?

She gets into the meat of the issue about a minute into this clip, after thoroughly roasting the mayor as a bigot whose dangerous not just to white people in her overt racism, but especially to black people as evidenced by her catastrophic policies.

She’s making the case that creating a situation where the streets were getting worse was intentional so that demands for a federalized police force could be made as a response to the growing problem. That makes some sense. When has the left ever seen a power monopoly that it didn’t like — and desire to control?

Unlike the economy, political power really IS a zero-sum game. Any gains made by one person or group have a corresponding loss by someone else.

If the balance shifts to the less democratically accountable federal government, it shifts power AWAY from the more accountable local government… to say nothing about how it shifts away from the individual. A quick look at our other federalized bodies reminds us how easily they can become anonymous, and (ultimately) more arbitrary and capricious.

She’s saying the chaos was a deliberate and necessary step in the direction of the hard left’s overall goals of a federalized police force. She puts that in the context of their Socialist agenda and totalitarian aims.

Building on her point, history has shown that no Socialist regime can succeed in taking — and holding — control without also having a politicized force with the will and authority to punish their enemies or any threat to their power.

January 6 has been the focal point of the left’s rhetoric for a while. As we once again make reference to a particular event in history, ask yourself how whether there are any modern similarities in light of the points Candace has been making here.

Though the origins of the fire are still unclear, in a propaganda maneuver, the coalition government (made up of Nazis and the Nationalists) blamed the Communists. They exploited the Reichstag fire to secure President Hindenburg’s approval for an emergency decree, popularly known as the Reichstag Fire Decree, that suspended individual rights and due process of law. The Reichstag Fire Decree permitted the regime to arrest and incarcerate political opponents without specific charge, dissolve political organizations, and to suppress publications. It also gave the central government the authority to overrule state and local laws and overthrow state and local governments. The decree was a key step in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship. Germany became a police state in which citizens enjoyed no guaranteed basic rights and the SS, the elite guard of the Nazi state, wielded increasing authority through its control over the police. —USHolocaustMemorialMuseum

The refrain was ‘never forget’.

The reason for ‘never forgetting’ was supposed to be that we do not let history repeat itself… wasn’t it?

Are we paying attention yet?

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