Biden’s Eco-Terrorist Nominee Up For A Vote — Your Move Manchin

Written by Wes Walker on July 5, 2021

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All eyes turn to Manchin to see whether he will block the Eco-Terrorist Biden nominated for the Bureau Of Land Managment post. Her name is Tracy Stone-Manning.

It is possible that some our readers will see that phrase and think ‘eco-terrorist’ is an unnecessarily extreme choice of words.

Judge for yourself whether it was ‘extreme’ by the dangerous consequences that ‘tree-spiking’ has on unsuspecting loggers — some have been nearly killed — but even worse is the ‘innovative idea’ this same nominee has endorsed about using forest fires to accomplish radical political objectives.

The letter told the Forest Service that 500 pounds of “spikes measuring 8 to 10 inches in length” had been jammed into the trees of an Idaho forest. Tree-spiking is a dangerous eco-terrorist tactic that has severely injured people, such as a mill worker whose jaw was split in two from an exploding saw.

It was also revealed that Stone-Manning once touted her husband’s suggestion from a 2018 article to let houses caught in forest fires “burn.”

“Perhaps the feds should commit themselves to refusing to send in the troops to any county that has not taken such measures,” Stone-Manning’s husband Richard Manning wrote. “Perhaps the solution to houses in the interface is to let them burn.”

The president’s nominee to lead BLM, one of the agencies charged with fighting fires on federal land, shared her husband’s article and called it a “Clarion call.”

“Tracy Stone-Manning fully endorsed her husband’s call to action that homes in the forest should be allowed to burn. He even called it a ‘satisfying justice.’ That’s dangerous and disturbing,” Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee ranking member John Barrasso, R-Wyo., told Fox News on Friday. — FoxNews

With the tiebreaker vote in Kamala’s pocket, the only way to derail a nominee is when at least one Democrat Senator refuses to endorse them.

The most obvious candidate for such a defection would be Joe Manchin. But if he’s planning on doing so, he hasn’t told anyone about it yet. In fact, he hasn’t said anything to anyone about it yet.

Oh, and did we mention her support of ‘population control’ in a college thesis? Even China is backing down on those now.

Is this really the best person Joe could come up with for the job?

Actually, with the agenda he is pushing, this kind of a radical nominee makes perfect sense.

Joe ran as a moderate to scoop up votes who would never have backed Bernie, and now he’s running an agenda far more aggressively Left than even Bernie dared to promise in his platform.

Because all of his talk about ‘integrity’ is exactly that. Just talk.

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