EPIC FAIL: Cuba’s Commies Busted Bussing In Bogus Protesters (Photos)

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2021

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Now we get to find out if the Dems hate disinformation more than they love authoritarian regimes. Will they decry what Cuba is doing?

The Protests in Cuba are a very inconvenient stick in the spokes for the Democrat messaging machine.

On one hand, they have long been trying to paint themselves as the truest friend any grassroots protester could ever want. (Pay no attention to their intense opposition to any such groups supporting Republicans. Nothing to see there.)

On the other hand, they are very reluctant to say anything negative about authoritarian regimes in places like Cuba or Venezuela, because their policy prescriptions have so much overlap. Bernie Sanders eventually pulled down the blog post he had posted on his official Senate page where he praised Venezuela, Ecuador, and Argentina while throwing shade at the ‘banana republic’ of America. (But not before it was archived.)

So what happens when Cuban authoritarians are caught using their plainclothes military personnel to populate a pro-government ‘demonstration’ as propaganda to discredit and undermine the credibility of actual grassroots CIVILIAN protesters demanding ‘Libertas’?

Can we expect a united front of formal denunciations of the Cuban regime from elected Democrats? Of course not. The hard left wing of the party LOVES the former Soviet satellite state that once brought the world to the brink of WWIII.

A DailyMail photographer waiting out a mandatory quarantine in his hotel room looked out his window to see an unexpected sight. He grabbed his camera and caught a Communist dictator in the act of spreading a propaganda lie.

In his photos, large crowds of plainclothes plants were seen being loaded into military convoys after a pro-government ‘rally’.

You can see the rest of his photos in the original story, here.

The gathering, attended by former president Raul Castro and his successor, Miguel Diaz-Canel, was held opposite the US Embassy and intended to send a message that Cubans were unwavering in their loyalty to the repressive Communist government.

But these exclusive photos – shot from a hotel where DailyMail.com undercover journalists were spending a mandatory six-day Covid quarantine – told a very different story.

Long after the local and international TV cameras and other media had departed, the casually-dressed troops were brought to attention and marched onto around 20 trucks lined up to return them to barracks.

The great deception was part of Cuba’s ongoing effort to persuade the world that its population is happy under their rule, and the US-led sanctions were entirely to blame for their situation. —DailyMail

Unfortunatley for both the Democrats AND their Communist buddies in Cuba, there was another demonstration well beyond the reach of Miguel Diaz-Canel for which he couldn’t provide counter-programming.

It showed up in D.C. and looked like this:

Accept no counterfeits.

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