MUST WATCH: Tucker Says ‘Crazed Ideologues’ Pushing CRT In K-12 Classrooms Are ‘Stupid’ And ‘Ignorant’

Written by K. Walker on July 7, 2021

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The opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in education is growing and leftist wokescolds are pushing back. Tucker puts them on FULL BLAST.

First, educators said that they weren’t teaching CRT in schools — it was all some rightwing myth. As more and more school boards started facing backlash from parents of a variety of backgrounds with videos that were going viral on social media, educators finally cracked and admitted that, yes, K-12 students are being introduced to CRT and it’s a good thing — parents just don’t understand it.

Bullcrap. Parents are fighting it precisely because they do understand it.

If you aren’t quite sure yet, here’s a very, very quick’n’dirty summary: basically, it views all human interactions through a racial lens — that it is by race that society is ordered. It started as an academic theory used to view disparities in the law, but it has been adopted eagerly by educators and “reframes” history. It posits that all inequalities are because society is divided into victims and oppressors based on race. While the theory itself isn’t being taught K-12, teaches are using the CRT lens to teach children which is dangerous and, frankly, racist.

For a more thorough you can grab yourself a coffee and head over to New Discourses and read:

Critical Race Theory is nothing but neoracism, and it’s being taught to our children by ideologues.

Now the largest teachers’ union in America, the National Education Association (NEA) is doubling down and defending the teaching of CRT in K-12 classrooms.

On Tuesday’s opening monologue, Carlson said, “All K-12 schools, the union declared, must teach children that, ‘White supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, and anthropocentrism are embedded in every aspect of American society.'”

“So if you’re a straight White American — even if you’re a very small child — you’re guilty,” he continued, “It’s your fault. You’re a bad person. That’s what teachers will be telling your children this fall.”

Carlson then ripped the NEA for their astounding ignorance. “The teachers’ union ended the statement with this line — which is so hilariously revealing that it does belong in a museum somewhere, and we hope it makes it — quote ‘As the ancient African proverb says, ‘Know Thyself.’ The African Proverb!” scoffed Carlson.

“Except it’s not an African proverb, ‘Know Thyself’ is, of course, Greek, as any literate person knows. It was inscribed by the ancient Greeks in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. But the teachers’ union — the teachers’ union! — did not know this,” Carlson said. Then he pointed out the obvious, “So, not only are these people crazed ideologues, they’re stupid. Your children are being taught by some of the most ignorant people in the country. How’d that happen? God knows it happened, but you’d better not complain about it, or else Joe Biden’s Praetorian Guard will denounce you on television as a racist.”

Tucker isn’t wrong. The NEA is not an organization tremendously concerned with the education of students. School choice activist, Corey DeAngelis posted this short thread exposing the NEA voted against emphasizing quality education in schools.

Let’s not forget that teachers’ unions advised the CDC in an effort to keep schools closed during the pandemic.

The Epoch Times reported that “antiracism” proponent, Ibram X. Kendi, is speaking at a conference for the second-largest teachers’ union in the U.S. — the American Federation of Teachers at 6 pm on Wednesday, July 7. The 90-minute session will be a “free-ranging discussion with student activists and AFT members on his scholarship and on developing anti-racist mindsets and actions inside and outside classrooms,” according to the conference’s website.

ClashDaily has been reporting on Critical Race Theory — the destructive and divisive “lens” through which teachers are now overtly teaching history — for quite a while now. Frankly, this entire site could be filled daily with nothing else because it’s such a huge story now that parents have seen that there is overt racist indoctrination happening in schools.

They’re clearly pushing back because they don’t like the backlash. Keep up the pressure. Let’s get this CRT “framing” of education which is nothing more than neoracism out of K-12 classrooms.

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